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Create timeless and Beautiful Memories with Bracelets

Create timeless and Beautiful Memories with Bracelets

Humans are social beings; we thrive on social interactions and there is a strong need for affiliation that we feel towards our near and dear ones. This necessity for being social and having meaningful interactions and relationships with people around us leads us to form a connection and a bond with them. Such bonds are often never forgotten and are cherished for life. Memories and formed and stories are made for people to remember, laugh about and enjoy. However, these bonds are also commemorated in other ways such as gifting and jewelry. Combine these and gift pieces of jewelry to the women in your life and feel the gratitude and strengthening of the bond.

One of the easiest and most precious gifts that can be given to a woman would be in the form of bracelets. These are easy-to-wear and simple pieces of jewelry that can be bought and gifted without the hassles of taking an accurate measurement. Most bracelets these days can also be adjusted to fit the size of a woman’s hand making it easier to purchase. It is often the go-to piece of jewelry when a woman wants to deck up and look good without making an effort that would be time-consuming. 

Varieties of Bracelets Available:

There are no limits to the beauty of this category of jewelry. These days, designers have gone above and beyond to ensure the exclusivity of each piece thus radiating the inner unique qualities of the woman who wears it. Bracelets can be of different kinds – tennis bracelets, charm bracelets, gemstone bracelets, open cuff bracelets, etc. Each brand and the team would work on developing a huge collection for women to feast their eyes on. 

At this famous Indian brand originating from Jaipur, here are the types of stunning bracelets that one can pick and choose from:

•Opal – A 11x9mm opal embedded in a diamond chain clasp bracelet that has a thin band but is enough to grace the wrist of the woman wearing it. Made in 14k yellow gold, this piece has a way of exuding radiance and can easily become the talk of the town owing to its gorgeous cut and looks. 

•Amethyst – This deep blue stone is cut by skilled artisans so well that it shines in the light. The chain is accentuated with diamonds increasing its value and sophistication even more. This striking bracelet can be paired with attires of a similar shade and also as a contrast against white outfits.

•Prehnite – A 20x15mm oval cut prehnite gemstone that is made in a 14k gold chain bracelet can be another buy from this brand. It is engraved with a sparkling brilliant round diamond in the bezel setting on either side of the oval gemstone. This one can also be paired with a stack of other bracelets. 

•Pink Tourmaline The enhanced shimmer and shine of this bracelet is owing to the diamonds around the stone in a bezel setting. This bracelet is chic and modern and is a perfect everyday accessory for women. 

A few other gemstone bracelets are found for people to opt for. Choosing them does not often require an event or occasion, however, in case of a specific event or attire, the fitting bracelet can be bought to enhance the outfit on the whole.

Making memories via bracelets: Gifting bracelets, now, is established as a great form of establishing a deeper and meaningful connection with loved ones. If you are looking for bracelets as a way of creating timeless memories, these are the options:

•Birthday Gifts – This category of jewelry can be a great way of expressing the bond in terms of a birthday gift. Since these are simple to wear, they are often appreciated. Jewelry does not have to always be expensive but as a birthday gift, you can also chip in with your group of friends to give a slightly more expensive bracelet. 

•Valentines – There is no better love language than expressing gratitude and meaning with a piece of jewelry. It is not a secret that women appreciate jewels and ornaments. A stunning-looking gemstone bracelet accentuated with diamonds would be a good buy. 

•Bridesmaid Wears – Not only gifts but similar bracelets can also be a symbol of unity and love. All the bridesmaids can wear bracelets, maybe of different gemstones, on the wedding day of their best friend. The group bond can strengthen manifold. 

•Achievements – At times, we do not know how to celebrate achievement and what would act as an appropriate gift. You can never go wrong with bracelets. They hold a meaning that is deep but simple and therefore, can be chosen as a gift for any event.

Bracelets are evergreen and timeless just as the memories made when associated with this ornament can be. Make your memories with your loved ones with this piece of jewelry.

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