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Latest Necklace Design: A New Twist on a Classic

Latest Necklace Design: A New Twist on a Classic

The trends concerning accessories and the fashion industry have changed globally with each passing season and year. We keep reading about fall fashion, winter fashion, summer accessories, etc. Each day, the influencers post about the new trends in town and the different ways in which the trends are in style. The reason for this fast-changing and revolutionizing era is due to the rapidly evolving world, modifying mindsets and shifts in the mannerisms of wearing jewelry. Regarding necklaces, in particular, the olden eras, we saw the kings and queens wear large and ostentatious neckpieces decked with pearls or big gemstones. Necklaces and jewelry used to be regarded as a status symbol or a sign of people who were married. However, these days age and marital status hold no bar when it comes to accessorizing. Many young girls as young as school-going, college-going, or even adults, flaunt their jewelry and necklaces as society shifts towards becoming more and more accepting of these newer trends. 

If you want to go for a simple but trendy look with minimal effort, necklaces are the way to go. With one twist of the clasp or a swift action of putting it around your neck, you can instantly transform the ensemble into something unique and worthy of being the talk of the town. Such is the power of this dainty piece of jewelry. Depending on the nature, price, design, and look of the piece, you can choose to don it on different occasions, day or night. Some necklaces are so tiny and simple that you can even wear them daily. Usually, necklaces with a tiny pendant or a simple chain are the ones that accompany a woman every day at home or during outings.

The latest necklace designs are available with different brands and depending on the different styles and tastes or even occasions, one can choose to purchase these designs specifically for events or for building their jewelry collection. Some of the famous designs available at one of the most reliable and trusted brands in India are:

•   Minimalist three-stone diamond necklace – Made in a stunningly beautiful 14k white gold chain, this necklace provides a simple but very stylish look upon wearing. Three diamonds are embedded in the heart of this necklace and the brilliant cut along with the dainty design is sure to steal hearts. 

•   Cluster Halo necklaces – No woman would say no to tiny Precious Gemstones embedded into the pendant of a necklace for herself. Find cluster Halo Necklaces in different stones – ruby, diamond, blue/yellow/pink sapphire, or emerald. The chain is made with 14k gold which adds to the charm and authenticity of the necklace. Choose these for specific events to match with certain dresses or wear them as a contrast with white formal shirts or solid tops. 

•    Heart Charm Bezel set necklace – For young girls or gifts for valentines or engagements, or even anniversaries, this necklace would be apt. The forever symbol of love, heart, with a tiny gemstone embedded in it. Choose the gemstone as per your preference, the color, significance, personal meaning it holds or even the birth month could be factors for making this choice. The gemstones available in this beautiful design are – ruby, tanzanite, emerald, amethyst, garnet, blue topaz, aquamarine, opal, or pink tourmaline. The options are enough to make a choice from. The hearts can be in gold (white or yellow). 

•   Sphere and Heart-shaped halo – The name provides a good indication as to what these necklaces would look like. A circle or heart-shaped gemstone surrounded by tiny diamonds – this is something that is usually a must-have on the jewelry list of most women. Often, the gemstones are selected based on the birthstone of the woman but other criteria can also be considered. 

•   Gemstone and diamond boat-shaped necklace – Imitating the shape of a boat-neck top, this necklace is similar in structure. A slight curvature is formed on an otherwise long line on tiny diamonds in a row with a strikingly-cut gemstone in the middle. This fine piece of jewelry is made with 14k gold and would look beautiful at an engagement or cocktail party. 

•   Single pendant necklace – The pendant is simple, minimalistic, and is a 6mm cut gemstone. This piece would be the definition of trendy, smart, and sophisticated. The different stones would look varied against the background of the clothing or skin tone. Pairing it up with different shades of tops would give it looks that are not similar. Here is your jewelry that can be worn over and over again without looking repetitive.



•   Mixing it up with a necklace – You would find three Precious Gemstones at the heart of this necklace. The two smaller ones on the side are aquamarine which provides a light and contrasting look against the darker and bigger stone in the middle. The stones in the middle provide a rich and elegant look and help the woman gain more confidence and radiance. 

These necklace designs are carefully created after diligent research and keeping in mind the upcoming trends and patterns. Each gemstone and metal is authentically obtained and is genuine in quality. All certification is complete and the brand is transparent in all its dealings. The craftsmen dealing with the gemstones are skilled and trained to bring the best out of all the materials they are handling. Get shopping for the latest necklace designs with this brand now. 

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