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Emerald Gemstone Meanings: The Surprising Symbolism of Your Jewels

Emerald Gemstone Meanings: The Surprising Symbolism of Your Jewels

The luminous green Emerald is every bit regal, elegant, and unique. This Precious Emerald Gemstone has supreme characteristics and has been an integral part of the gemstone family for several decades. Apart from being beautiful, gemstones usually have healing and mystique properties. Let’s get to understand what Emerald symbolizes and the benefits it brings to a wearer.  

Origin & History of Emerald Gemstone

Historians believe that Emerald has been around mankind as early as 400 B.C because there has been mention of this gemstone being worshiped and sold in the ancient market as per several manuscripts. Emeralds are thought to have originated in Egypt first, and it has been one of the most treasured gemstones by queen Cleopatra. She adorned her palace with emeralds and it made its way into her luxurious jewelry collection too. She was so obsessed with the rich green color of this gemstone that she even decided to own Greek mines to just keep these precious Green Emerald Stones to herself. Along with her, the other two important women from history who have proclaimed their love for this gemstone are Elizebeth Taylor and Princess Diana.

In the current times Colombia, Ethiopia, Zambia, Brazil, and Zimbabwe are the places where this gorgeous gemstone is mined and sourced.

What Does Green Emerald Symbolise?

Emeralds Gemstone represents the goddess Venus and it is a symbol of youthful love, romance, and strong relationships. The green color represents mother nature, and Emerald is hence thought to enhance fertility, rebirth, and vigor. Since antiquity, Emeralds have been a symbol of spiritual awareness, and Greeks believed that wearing emeralds brings power, hope, and an abundance of wealth. Leaders of high rankings carried emerald because of its spiritual powers and strongly believed that this gemstone added more wisdom to their lives. 

Emerald is referred to as ‘Panna' in Indian astrology, and this scintillating gemstone is the birthstone for May babies. Astrologers recommend this gemstone to those who want to add positive vibes to their lives and drive away negative thoughts from their minds. 

Healing Benefits of Emerald Birthstone

Known as a ‘ gem of good luck’, Emeralds offer some fantastic healing properties to their wearer. Emeralds are known to strengthen communication skills since ancient times, and people who stutter, stammer, or lack confidence while talking, will be hugely benefited by this precious Emerald Birthstone stone. 

Since this stone is connected to the heart, it is also associated with mercy, love, and compassion. If you want to manifest peace and harmony in your married life, then Emeralds will help you with it. It elevates your thinking and is thought to even cure certain muscular disorders ad ailments related to the heart and lungs. 

Luxurious Emerald Gemstone Jewelry

If you want to add royalty and riches to your modern-day outfit, then Emerald Gemstone Jewelry is exactly what you need. You can discover some high Emerald jewelry designs at trusted jewelers like Chordia Jewels, who have over five decades of experience in crafting the finest gemstone jewelry. It adds a dash of gorgeous color to your jewelry and makes you dazzle instantly. 

Emerald Gemstone is becoming the growing choice among youngsters as the preferred gemstone for the engagement ring as it symbolizes true and undying love towards the partner. Another staple among women is a show-stopper emerald and diamond necklace set in white gold or platinum that is bound to make you look every bit enchanting. 

So go ahead and choose a timeless piece of emerald jewelry and look like a diva. 

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