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Common Mistakes Consumers Make When They Buy Gold Jewellery

Common Mistakes Consumers Make When They Buy Gold Jewellery

Buying gold has been for generations thought to be an auspicious act in India. Be it traditional weddings, birthdays or other family proceedings, gold jewellery forms an integral part of these occasions. This shiny metal makes a great style accessory not just for women but for men too. Around the world people often buy gold jewellery as a future investment, especially to overcome unforeseen financial troubles. Whatever may be the reason for the purchase, we should exercise precaution and avoid some common mistakes that people generally make when they buy jewellery online or at the store. Now, these mistakes could be a plain oversight or an absolute lack of information, so let us dive a little deeper into it to get clarity.

1. Metal Type: While buying jewellery people often don’t pay attention to the different types of gold used for making jewellery. Typically, it comes in three distinct kinds – yellow, white and rose gold. Gold in its natural form is yellow and is mixed with different metals to give it the strength to mold it into different shapes. The colour of the gold varies depending on the kind of metal used in the alloy mixture. It’s a misconception that rose gold and white gold are lesser in purity, gold irrespective of the color is measured in karat for their purity.

Customers are often misled to believe that white gold is the same as platinum and are made to pay a higher price for the jewellery. To distinguish between the two, look for a purity stamp inside the jewellery, platinum metal carries a  950Pt or 900Pt mark depending on the purity of 95% or 90% respectively.

If you want to purchase white gold jewelry online then simply google out 18K white gold jewellery India you are sure to find the jewellers from Jaipur topping the list, of these Chordia Jewels is a noted name. Carrying four generations of jewellery business legacy, Chordia Jewelers are known for their finest craftmanship using authentic gemstones and Precious Metals. Their global presence gives you the freedom to purchase artistic jewellery conveniently from the online website, even taking customization requests to create a piece of jewellery that is as unique as you.

 2. Purity Stamp: The most common mistake that customers make while purchasing gold jewellery is not looking out for the purity stamp and just go by whatever the jewellers tell them. Afterall a lot of your hard-earned money is going into it, and it’s of utmost importance that one invests in only pure gold. Wondering how to check the genuineness of the precious gold metal? Simple, look for a BIS hallmark stamp embossed inside the jewellery! Hallmarking the gold jewellery means certifying the jewellery for its purity and fineness. Apart from the BIS logo, the jewellery is also embossed with the karat of gold used like 22K916, 18K750, or 14K585 this gives an idea of the exact percentage of pure gold used to make the jewellery. Why is this important? If you wish to resell the gold, hallmark jewellery sells easily because it reassures the buyer of originality. Purchasing yellow gold jewellery in Jaipur from reputed jewellers like Chordia Jewellers will put your mind at ease because they are synonymous with the word  “quality” providing you certified jewellery with elegant finesse at competitive prices. 

3. Accurate Pricing:  Many customers miss out on which bullion market is the jeweller pegged to? Is it the London bullion market, Chennai bullion market, Mumbai bullion market or something else? How does it matter? The gold rate may vary per gram by a couple of hundreds depending on the market rate. It may not sound a lot, but when you purchase bigger items, these couple of hundreds jump to a couple of thousands making a difference in the pricing. Moreover, jewellers can easily charge you a higher rate of gold on that particular day if you aren't aware of this point. 

4. Invoicing: Always ask for an invoicing whenever you purchase your gold jewellery, don’t let the jeweller fool you by saying that invoicing is not needed for any future exchanges or reselling. Invoicing should give you the complete breakup of the karat of gold, gold rate as of that day, the total weight of the gold, and gemstones separately, and the BIS Hallmark license number& GST.

 Be smart and consider the above pointers next time when you want to invest in purchasing gold jewellery so that you get nothing but the best!

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