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Everything You Need To Know About Ruby Earrings

Everything You Need To Know About Ruby Earrings

Jewellery is beyond an object of desire or opulence. It is a beautiful memento of emotional feeling that defines you and a beacon of your memories associated with it. Jewellery helps in accentuating an individual’s beauty, symbolizes power, status and for some, it’s an art of pure expression. Jewellery also forms an integral part of our culture, traditions, and a part of our life rituals. 

A durable, exceptionally sparkling unique red colour completes your vivid personality. The dark red stone of courage- Ruby energizes and balances your personality by stimulating energy, vitality, and sensuality. These qualities have earned this crystal the title of Heart Stone and a rightful place amongst the healing crystals. 

The natural beauty of this gemstone is premium and extraordinary. An extremely strong stone, it symbolizes love & passion. Celebrate yourself with this unique gemstone crafted with intrinsic details, design, and care at Chordia Jewels. This powerful and mystic gemstone is believed to represent the power of the planet sun, influencing and negating the negative effects due to weak planetary placements in Zodiac. Best Ruby Stones are known to weigh between 3 carats to 6 carats and are best worn embedded in Gold or Silver.

Adorning Ruby earrings at events

Pair of earrings complete your look for any occasion. The Spotlight red, loose ruby gemstones are available to polish your crisp looks for a day at work or carry a traditional look, with a modern touch, to an event. Ruby Earrings can beworn by themselves without pairing them with any other accessory. Charge up your life with enthusiasm, get up and present yourself with this divine spiritual wisdom and purity of loved ones with this unique crystal at Chordia Jewels.

Adorning Ruby earrings at events

Styles of Ruby earrings

Ruby earrings are available in various designs and styles like Hoop Earrings, Drop Earrings, Stud Earrings, and Cluster Earrings. If you don’t want to dilute the fiery red of rubies, you can wear single studs to keep their impact to the maximum. With a glint of elegance and class, rubies studded in your earrings are sure to turn heads from weddings to cocktail dinners. Rubies look just as fascinating embedded in quirky and modern designs.

Styles of Ruby earrings


Maintenance of Ruby earrings

Ruby is a hard and exceptionally strong stone. It rarely scratches or cracks and can be worn daily. Ruby earrings, when not in use, should be kept in soft padding to avoid abrasions and scratches. If you notice that the earrings have gathered dust or grime in corners, you can clean them with water and mild soap solution. It is imperative to pat them dry and allow them to air-dry completely before storing them. 

Metal and other gemstones

The deep red colour of ruby stands out even it is clustered with other gemstones. This precious stone does not get overpowered by another colour and can be worn along with clothes of any colour. Whether you are a fan of rose gold, gold, or white gold, rubies look equally stunning embedded in any metal. Pairing rubies with diamonds enhance the dramatic effect of the hues in every facet of the ruby. Rubies look more regal next to diamonds and they are useful in breaking the monotony of the diamonds. 

The jewellery is a statement of expression when adorning the right piece of jewellery for the occasion. Having said that let’s celebrate our personality, bringing out the best features of our persona and style. And what better to start than with an exceptionally sparkling unique red ruby.

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