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How to Keep Your Emerald Jewelry Clean & Sparkling?

How to Keep Your Emerald Jewelry Clean & Sparkling?

Jewelry is a prized possession that every woman is proud to have. But if you don’t take proper care of it, the jewelry pieces will lose their charm and shine with time. If you own beautiful emerald jewelry and have not taken it out for long, it’s time you take it out for proper cleanup. For those who want to save professional jewelry cleaning charges, a routine cleanup is a must. 

If you were worried about cleaning it yourself owing to the monetary and sentimental value attached to it, we’ve got you covered. To help you save money on professional cleaning charges, we’ve listed the best ways to clean your emerald jewelry at home. So check out the easy yet impactful ways shared below and get things done.

Routine Cleaning to Keep Dirt & Gunk Away

Even if you remain busy with household chores or office work, try to clean your emerald jewelry at least once a month. There is a common misconception that no jewelry cleanup is needed if it isn’t used or worn on any occasion. The truth is dirt particles can accumulate on your jewelry even if you keep them unattended in your closet for months. So make it a routine to check your emerald jewelry at least once a month and clean it using a mild soapy solution. 

You can take two bowls, one filled with lukewarm water and a mild soap solution, while the other has clean water to remove any accumulated soapy element. Once both the bowls are ready, take out your Emerald Jewelry and dip it in the bowl with the soap solution. You can use a clean, regular toothbrush with soft bristles to clean the dirt and gunk accumulated deep inside the jewelry. A soap-soaked soft fabric can also be used to clean it with your hands. Once the deposited dirt has been removed, dip the jewelry into the bowl of fresh water and ensure no soap is left or stuck on it. You can then use a soft cloth to pat dry the jewelry and securely store it in a safe area. 

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Special Tips to Keep the Sparkle Intact for Long

Besides cleaning your jewelry, it is essential to store it in the correct manner. If you want your emerald jewelry to retain its sparkle for a lifetime, you must keep it the right way. The best way is to put your Emerald Jewelry in a pouch made of soft fabric and place it in a box. Also, pay attention to the things you keep near the jewelry pouches or jewelry box. For example, cleaning your jewelry won’t have any value if you place it beside your perfume, make-up items, hair spray, or any other item with a chemical composition. 

Close proximity to chemical items will result in the discoloration of your emerald jewelry. Also,  if you have multiple gemstone jewelry, make separate pouches for each instead of putting them all together in one. Over the years, we’ve seen many customers reaching out to us to remove the scratches developed because of the same reason. So always be careful while cleaning and storing your jewelry.  

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Emerald is a softer gemstone than others, but you can easily retain its charm, sparkle, and beauty with proper care and maintenance. Keeping your emerald jewelry as beautiful as it was during your purchase is not a difficult task if you follow all the points discussed above. You can also follow the same steps to keep your other Gemstone Jewelry clean, sparkling, and gorgeous for years to come. 

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