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How to Pair Your Emerald Eternity Band with Your Engagement Ring for a Stunning Look?

How to Pair Your Emerald Eternity Band with Your Engagement Ring for a Stunning Look?

Eternity bands are all the rage in today’s times. Ever since we have seen models and actresses flaunt their engagement rings stacked up on an eternity band, it has been the dream of every woman and girl to sport the same look! Not only is this look elegant but it also exudes a chic vibe that can catch the eye of any onlooker. You will have a trail of admirers as you step out of the house with a look that is captivating to most women.

About eternity bands

An eternity band is not a new concept, however, the dream to buy emerald eternity band with engagement ring as a set is relatively fresh. An eternity band is a special type of ring. Why does it go best with an engagement ring? Because this band is considered to be a symbol of love and everlasting commitment. The look of the eternity band is alluring as it is characterized by a band of continuous and identical gemstones (rubies, emeralds, diamonds, etc). This band of similarly-cut gemstones wraps around the finger without interruption. The symbolism of this ring works on multiple levels – the representation of the unbroken circle of love in the form of the continuous band with precious stones attached is meaningful. Eternity bands are significant on many auspicious and sacred occasions like weddings, the birth of a child, anniversaries, etc. A reason why natural emerald engagement rings are popular among couples is that the circular, unbroken design is a form of infinity.

Here are the things you can keep in mind while you pair your emerald eternity band with your engagement ring:

The shape and style of the engagement ring

You would want to have an eternity band that complements your engagement ring. A complete contrast here might not give the regal vibe you are looking for. Therefore, the shape and style of your engagement ring would be important. A beautiful, natural emerald eternity band would look stunning with a solitaire diamond engagement ring. Depending on the size of the diamond on the ring, you can choose the size of the emerald ring. For example, if the diamond is huge, you may not want to overwhelm the look by adding larger emeralds to the mix.

The right metal

Engagement rings are primarily plated in white gold, silver, or platinum. The metal of the eternity band should match the band of this ring so that it does not look odd. This match will help provide a seamless look to the ring. Stacking up a couple of rings looks great when the bands match each other. The same metal is often chosen by most people for a supremely royal look.

The size and placement of the stones

What works well when you are stacking up rings is for them to look like one. The grandeur of the ring enhances manifold when it looks like the design and the ring are the same. This can only be achieved when the size and shape of the stones of the two rings match one another. If the emeralds are tinier as compared to the stones on your engagement ring, wearing them on the same finger may give a mismatched look. In such a scenario, you can opt to wear the emerald eternity band on the other hand on another finger. Add a pair of real emerald earrings if you opt for this option.

Mix and match

A traditional white solitaire engagement ring can look captivating with a mix and match of emeralds in the eternity ring. You do not have to opt for a diamond-studded eternity ring, going for the emerald green will help the solitaire pop out and add to the glamor and bling. You can create a personalized and unique look by considering options that are different regarding metals, shapes, sizes, and styles. The combination can scream ‘you’!

The occasion

When styling your engagement ring with an eternity band, you can also consider the occasion in question. A good idea would also be to take into account your personal style and preferences regarding jewellery pieces. Going for a thin and lightweight eternity band might work very well for daily wear. You can proudly flaunt this combination at your office, brunches, movies, dinners with friends, etc. However, if the stones in the eternity band are larger and shinier, you may want to keep that exclusively for special events. They might be better suited for occasions wherein some extravaganza is required to amp up your look overall.

It is not tough to pair your engagement ring with an emerald eternity band when you have the right idea and the correct points in mind to do so. The pair is considered graceful and elegant and can match any occasion like cocktail parties and fancy dinners. Moreover, tinier stones in the eternity band can also be a great match with everyday clothes and even for office wear. You do not want the look to feel too much. Therefore, ensuring that the stones are not overwhelmingly big, especially if the stones on the engagement ring is large would be an important consideration. You can make this process fun and experiment with stones of different colors too to find the look that suits you best. Once you figure out the combination that is meant for you, you are set for life!

When you pair your eternity band with your engagement ring, it gives you the right opportunity to showcase both pieces of jewellery subtly and gracefully. Additionally, the pairing is a great way to flaunt the beautiful and cohesive look that you have created by adding two rings that look so different yet look so good when worn together. All you need to do is ensure that you are enjoying the look that you have crafted so well with stunning and alluring jewellery pieces that are wonderous to all.

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