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Aquamarine jewelry

Summer Holiday Gift Ideas: Aquamarine Jewellery For Every Budget

Summer is the beginning of a new year and a new life cycle. Summer is the peak of nature’s health and we receive blessings from Mother Nature in abundance at this wonderful time of the year. The crispy mornings, warm sun, chirping birds, and colourful flowers are enough to add a spring to your step. Summer is when you have longer days and you can enjoy the breezy evenings with your loved ones. You can express your gratitude and love for the constant support of your loved ones through a gift. You can celebrate your relationships and make them stronger with thoughtful gestures. 

One such gesture can be gifting a truly unique piece of jewellery. Aquamarine is a gemstone that is blue and has a distinct shade. It is lighter in colour than sapphire and aquamarine. The colour of this gemstone varies as per the cut and size. The light colour and its versatility make this gemstone a perfect summer gift. Let us look at how aquamarine can be incorporated into your summer gift ideas. 


1. Earrings –

 Earrings are the best way to appreciate this  beautiful gemstone without disrupting its beauty.  The stone looks great in a natural solitaire cut and can go with any outfit of yours. The best combination of metals with this stone is white gold or silver. If you are looking for earrings with aquamarine and diamond combinations, you can look at embedding the stones in rose gold or gold as well. 



aquamarine earrings

2. Rings –

 Rings are the most commonly used piece of jewellery. They can be worn every day and you don’t need a special occasion to wear one. Being a stone of lighter colour, Aquamarine Rings  don’t clash with any colours that you wear. The oval and square cuts can be incorporated in rings with unconventional designs to create magic.


 Aquamarine Rings

3. Pendants –

 Pendants are one of the most adaptable gifts. You can easily change the length of your chain and the type of your chain depending on your mood. The stone does not get damaged easily in a pendant. Wearing your birthstone in a pendant is known to bring luck to the wearer. Since Aquamarine is the birthstone of March, it is the perfect gift for your loved ones born in the month of March.



  Natural aquamarine Pendants

4. Bracelet –

 What can be better than an aquamarine bracelet paired with a flowy summer dress? The blue skies can match the stone on your wrist and highlight the delicate stone. you can sport a bracelet with one stone and a chain or a cuff embedded with stones. Aquamarine can be used in trendy as well as dainty bracelets. 


5. Gemstones –

 Gifting Loose Gemstones might not be a conventional idea but it surely is a good one. You can gift a loved one this gemstone and the person receiving it can have it embedded in any piece of jewellery of their choice. This way, you can invest more in buying a gemstone of a higher carat. You can the cuts and carats available online on the Chordia Jewels website and look at options that suit your style. 
Summer brings hope and the zeal to enjoy life is renewed with every passing day. It is a reminder to appreciate your loved ones. You can find affordable Aquamarine Gifts by simply choosing the right carat and cut for you. This summer you can show them how special they truly are with the help of these amazing aquamarine gifts. 

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