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The Next Big Thing in Ruby Pendant

The Next Big Thing in Ruby Pendant

Jewelry adorned with bold red-colored ruby has always gained attention for the right reasons, and its charm continues to amuse people even today. This precious jewel is being used in jewelry making for centuries, and this combination has given people stellar jewelry pieces. A quick search on the internet can show you how women from royal families worldwide adore exquisite ruby pendants.

While vintage-inspired ruby pendants can never go out of fashion, jewelers keep innovating to come up with modern ruby pendant designs ideal for millennials and gen Z generation. If you’re a big ruby fan and wondering about the upcoming trends that’ll dominate the industry, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Take a look at the upcoming ruby pendant design trends that are coming to stay for long.

Halo Ruby Pendants

A halo is a setting that gracefully encircles a center gemstone in a collection of brilliantly cut diamonds in round, oval, heart, or different shapes. These encircling diamonds accentuate the pendants’ beauty and draw peoples’ attention to the center gemstone. Halo Ruby Pendants look stunningly beautiful and are perfect for wearing on special occasions. If you’re willing to buy a ruby pendant that will stay in trend for years to come, consider buying a round ruby & diamond halo pendant, dangling round ruby & Diamond Halo Pendant, inverted pear ruby pendant with halo diamonds, or a cushion-cut ruby pendant with diamond halo. 

Halo Ruby Pendants

Three Stone Ruby Pendants

Known to represent the past, present, and future in a single string, a three-stone ruby pendant is famous for its simplistic design. These pendants have three gemstones arranged in a vertical setting. You can also find these gemstones in a triangle or other customizable setting of your choice. If you love wearing elegant jewelry pieces wherever you go, a three-stone ruby pendant won’t leave you disappointed. To ensure you invest in the best pendant, get a channel-set round ruby three-stone pendant, classic trio ruby necklace, prong-set ruby tree branch necklace, graduated round ruby three-stone pendant, or a pear-shaped ruby pendant.

Three Stone Ruby Pendants

Infinity Ruby Pendants

Want a jewelry piece that does the talking on your behalf? If yes, you’ll love the infinity ruby pendants. Infinity is a mathematical symbol that has been gracefully incorporated into jewelry designs to express infinite elegance, class, sophistication, and style. You can amplify your personality with ruby pendants having a beautiful infinity design. As the market has various design options, you will never run out of choices. If you’re confused but want to get the best, look for a ruby infinity heart pendant with diamonds, a dancing ruby infinite loop pendant with diamonds, a round ruby solitaire infinity knot pendant and similar options.

Fashion Ruby Pendants

Call it costume jewelry or fashion jewelry; it is the absolute favorite of fashion-forward women. A fashion ruby pendant is made using base metals, beautiful gemstones, and other decorative elements. They are versatile and look beautiful on almost any outfit. If you’re on the lookout for chic jewelry, you must check out ruby solitaire drop pendants, trillion ruby solitaire pendants with halo diamonds, and other designs along the same line. Customizable ruby pendants can also be a great option.     

You can also look at Ruby Pendants having a heart-shaped design, vintage-inspired options, or simply go back to the classics. All these are evergreen options that will never lose the charm. If you’re picky, you might want to go ahead with customizable jewelry options. It will allow you to pick the best of designs and add a touch of personalization, which is guaranteed to make your ruby pendant stand out.  


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