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Why Choose Ruby Engagement Rings?

Why Choose Ruby Engagement Rings?

Ruby is a gemstone famous for its deep and bright red colour. This beautiful gemstone has been around for centuries and has been featuring in paintings, drawings, and depictions for years. The beauty of this rare gemstone is unparalleled and that is why it is one of the most coveted gemstones in the coloured gemstone market. They are widely popular for their hardness which makes them a common choice for rings. They are extremely rare and found in only certain pockets of the world. Transparent rubies are said to be rarer than diamonds. Their hardness and luster make these look very attractive. 

Colour of Ruby

The lovely rich red colour is the colour of romance. It was also believed that adorning a ruby helps to preserve mental peace and physical health. It is also believed they symbolize wealth and success. This colour gets noticed quickly and adds a touch of glamour to your look at every event. The colour is eye-catching and no one is going to miss out on your engagement with this on your finger! Picking a Ruby Engagement Ring would be the ideal way to start a life full of love and happiness with your better half. 

Matching rings

Ruby is popular with the ladies as well as the gentlemen. A gentleman’s ring with ruby can look very stylish and regal. You can both get rings with a ruby embedded in them to celebrate the ever-lasting bond and promises to one another. Getting matching rings can be a great idea to declare your love for each other subtly and fashionably. You can get designs that go together or even et your rings inscribed. 

Cuts and Carat

Ruby is a gemstone that sparkles and is captivating irrespective of the cut of the stone. The cut only adds to the visual appeal of the shape. The surface of the gemstone is often enough to make you look like royalty. This stone does not lose its signature colour even if the size of the stone is small.  Ruby of a lesser carat is equally awe-inspiring. This is why you can either have a single stone on your ring or you can have the band embedded with rubies as well. The impact of this divine stone will not lessen.

Metals and other gemstones that can be paired with ruby

Ruby is a versatile stone and unlike aquamarine, it does not need any help to bring out its natural colour. This fiery stone retains its dramatic effect even if it is a part of a colourful ring. Ruby often overshadows all the other gems due to their colour. It looks elegant when embedded in white gold, rose gold, gold, silver, or a platinum ring. The colour of the metal does not affect the characteristics of this gemstone. A ruby encompassed in a diamond halo was said to be the traditional choice for an engagement ring. This gemstone can also add a pop of colour to your ring instead of keeping it plain. You can see the lovely options at Chordia Jewels for your engagement as well. 

Gesture and emotions

Picking out an engagement ring is more about what your better half would like rather than succumbing to the ongoing trends. This is one of the most important people in your life and your gesture should express that without so many words. A ruby engagement ring speaks volumes about the relationship between you. It shows that you have truly spent time and effort thinking about what would be best for your partner.

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