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Tips on How to Clean and Store Pendants to Keep Them Looking Their Best?

Tips on How to Clean and Store Pendants to Keep Them Looking Their Best?

Pendants are beautiful jewellery pieces that can instantly accentuate any style and attire. They can easily be the statement piece capable of turning heads wherever you go. If you want to look elegant and add a touch of personality and color to your overall appearance, pairing your outfit with the right pendant can help. While pendants are vital accessories, they can lose their glamor and shine if left uncleaned for long. If you wear your pendants frequently, their appearance can get damaged because of the perspiration, grime, dust, and dirt accumulated over a period.

If you want your gemstone pendant to look as good as new for long, you must clean it routinely and store it properly. Doing so will help you retain the visual appeal of the pendant and increase its longevity. To help you maintain your pendants, we have compiled this epic guide featuring the best ways to clean and store your pendants. So let’s quickly explore all the best methods shared below.

Effective Pendant Cleaning Methods

Whether you own a diamond pendant or any other gemstone pendant, you must clean it using the right method to retain its shine and looks. The best part about pendant cleaning is that you don’t necessarily have to take it to professional jewellery cleaners. Irrespective of the type of pendant you have, you can follow the below-mentioned cleaning methods for excellent results.

Gentle Scrubbing with a Soft-Bristled Brush

One of the easiest ways to clean your pendant is by gently scrubbing it with a soft-bristled brush. The tiny and gentle bristles easily make their way to every part of the pendant, making it easier to clean it thoroughly. If you notice a light build-up of dirt and grime, scrub using lukewarm water. You can use a mild detergent or any other cleaning liquid for tougher build-up. You should clean a crystal pendant at least once a month using this method for best results.

Let Dirt Fizzle Out With Baking Soda

If you don’t want to scrub your pendant necklace, try letting a chemical reaction do the entire work for you. Try mixing baking soda with some water and let the created bubbles work on the dirt build-up on your jewellery. To follow this cleaning method, add baking soda in lukewarm water and soak your pendant in the solution for a few minutes. Now take the pendant necklace out of the solution and wipe gently with a soft cloth. You will notice a visible brightness in the pendant as most accumulated dirt would have been removed from the jewellery. You should not be using baking soda solution if your pendant is made using pearls or other soft gemstones.

Use Liquid Soap & Water

Another easy yet effective way to clean your pendant is by using a mild solution of liquid soap and water. The solution would effectively target the accumulated grime, stains, and dirt on the pendant. If you have a mild liquid soap at home, mix it with some lukewarm water. Just mix the two and let your gemstone pendant soak into it for a few minutes. Now take it out and use a soft cloth to gently wipe it dry. Ensure you only store the pendant again once it is entirely dried. Cleaning the pendant using this method would slow the wear-and-tear process, enhancing the pendant’s original shine.

Use an Antibacterial Cleaner

You don’t necessarily need fancy jewellery cleaner to clean your diamond pendant or any other gemstone pendant. The market offers plenty of mild yet powerful antibacterial cleaners. To clean your pendant using this method, you simply need to pour some cleaner into a glass bowl and submerge the jewellery into the liquid for a few minutes. You would notice the dirt build-up would start breaking and falling into the bowl after five minutes, indicating your pendant has been cleaned now. Although soaking the pendant would suffice, in some cases you may use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of rigid build-up. An antibacterial cleaner would never damage your pendant and would do an excellent job cleaning it effectively.

Proper Storage Hacks for Pendants

Storing your pendant correctly is as important as cleaning it. If you want to store your pendant properly, we recommend wrapping it in a soft velvet cloth before placing it anywhere. Doing so will prevent it from any scratches or any other physical damage. You should also ensure the storage place is away from extreme moisture and heat conditions. Any area exposed to direct sunlight is undesirable for pendant storage. If you have too many jewellery pieces, we recommend keeping your pendant away from them. Storing all jewellery pieces together can increase the chances of damage and scratches.

You can get small pendant storage boxes, making it easier to store multiple pendants in one place. The necklace can also be stored in a travel-friendly pouch to prevent it from any external damage. If physical hard storage boxes are not your thing, you can get plenty of soft pouches for easy storage of pendants. If you follow all these storage methods, you can easily keep your pendant damage-free for long duration. So start following these storage methods from today to increase the longevity and aesthetics of your pendant.

Keeping Your Pendant in Good Condition Isn’t Tedious Anymore

Now that you’re aware of the right steps to clean and store your pendant, ensure you start following them at the earliest for the best results. Cleaning them is easy, and any person can do it at their home. If you want to clean your pendant at home, ensure you never use any harsh cleaning liquid to avoid causing damage to the jewellery. Mild cleaning liquids, a soft-bristled brush, and lukewarm would always serve the purpose.

And once you’ve cleaned the pendant, make it a habit to store it securely in the right place. Exposure to direct sunlight, extreme humidity, and other intense temperature isn’t good for your pendant, so always store them in a dark and safe place. The more you follow the steps featured in this guide, the better. It will help you keep your pendants in excellent condition all year long.

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