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What Are The Famous Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings?

What Are The Famous Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings?

Shopping for an engagement ring is always special because this one ring marks the beginning of a new relationship and stays till the end. When an accessory is so special, it should be purchased cautiously. Numerous factors can be considered while buying engagement rings, but the top factor is the gemstone’s shape. The shape of the gemstone determines how the ring will look, so you must be careful while picking the right shape. Although most diamonds rings sold feature a round shape, people have now started to look for more options.

It is why jewellers have begun crafting engagement rings featuring varied gemstone shapes. If you are getting engaged in the coming days or months, this guide will help you explore the famous diamond shapes for engagement rings. You can proceed with any shape you feel most connected or drawn to. So let’s quickly learn more about the different diamond shapes shared below.


Round Diamonds

Let’s begin the list with the most popular diamond shape: round. A round, brilliant-cut diamond has been the most popular choice of people regarding engagement rings year after year. It is probably the most classic diamond shape you can find in an engagement ring.

According to various reports, almost half the diamonds engagement rings sold worldwide featured a round-shaped diamond as the main gemstone. Due to their popularity and aesthetics, round shape diamonds shapes engagement ring command a higher price-per-carat value than any other diamond shape.

Emerald-Cut Diamonds

The best alternative to traditional round-cut diamonds is the rectangular-shaped emerald-cut diamond. Diamonds with emerald shapes beautifully highlight step-cut facets. The only drawback of this shape is that it exudes comparatively less sparkle than any other diamond shape, but its elegance still attracts people.

If you want to ditch the commonly purchased diamond shape, picking an emerald-cut shape could be the best option. Select emerald-cut diamonds having a clarity grade of VS2 or above. Thanks to sophistication and grace, emerald-cut diamond shapes give engagement rings much-needed versatility and alluring designs.

Asscher-Cut Diamonds

Known as a cleaner, better, and more linear version of rectangle and square-shaped diamond, the asscher-cut is perfect for crafting stellar engagement rings. The main highlights of this cut are that it features beautiful angled cut corners and geometric step-cut facets.

If you prefer the diamond in your engagement ring to feature a distinctly tidier, visibly bolder, and more modern look, you will love the asscher-cut diamond shape. To ensure you get the best-looking diamond engagement rings, focus on the cut’s clarity grade. Anything along the grade of VS2 or higher is desirable. This diamonds shape is also attention-grabbing and incredible, making it the ideal diamond shape for your engagement ring.

Oval Diamonds

If you want people to focus on the size of your diamonds engagement rings, making them appear larger, oval-shaped diamonds can help. Although oval-shaped diamonds share the characteristics and highlights of marquise-cut diamonds, their elongated lines are more flattering and distinctly beautiful. Oval-shaped diamond engagement ring cuts came into highlight when celebrities started flaunting their engagement rings online.

The best part about the oval shape is that it can flawlessly handle any engagement ring style or design when it is mounted on any engagement ring. To ensure your engagement ring looks stellar on a special day and beyond, look for engagement rings featuring an oval center stone and multiple side stones. You can also make the ring stand out by pairing the oval-shaped diamond with vintage elements and modern highlights.     

Marquise-Cut Diamonds

Another interesting and beautiful diamonds shapes is the marquise cut. First created in the 18th century, this shape has earned popularity over recent years. Some even call the marquise-cut as the little boat cut or navette cut. The names were given because of the shape resembles the outline of a ship. The best part about marquise-shaped diamond shapes is that they can stand alone in solitaire settings and even beautifully complement side stones placed in the ring.

Since this shape is versatile, you can find numerous designs that visibly stand out from others. The elongated shape of this diamond can make your finger look graceful and slightly longer. If you want your engagement diamonds rings to grab instant attention, ensure it features the marquise cut. To get the best ring, pay attention to the shape’s symmetry and geometric shape.

Pear Diamonds

One of the fast-growing diamond shapes in popularity in the engagement rings category is the pear shape. Although this shape was introduced in the 90s, people back then didn’t appreciate this shape. However, pear-shaped diamonds have gained striking popularity in recent times. Since this shape exudes vintage features, it has grabbed many eyeballs. Some call it a hybrid shape incorporating oval and marquise shape. This diamonds shapes has the potential to flatter any finger, making it look graceful.

If you want a pear-shaped diamond in your engagement ring, ensure its outline perfectly mimics your finger’s shape. For example, if you have slim fingers, search for pear-shaped diamond engagement rings that are slimmer in thickness. People with thicker fingers should opt for rounder pear-shaped diamonds. To make your engagement ring incredibly distinct, pick an engagement ring featuring non-traditional halos.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Falling along the lines of emerald-cut shape and princess-cut shape, the cushion-cut diamond shape is another popular and common shape you can find in engagement rings. Since this shape has made a roaring comeback in recent years, you can proceed with this shape without any second thought. The main highlight of cushion-cut diamonds is their rounded corners, which are often soft and have slightly sloped sides. This shape also resembles the shape of a pillow and exudes incredible vibrance.

Get a Diamond Shape You Can Proudly Flaunt

Diamond shapes play a vital role in influencing the aesthetics of any engagement ring. Technically, the diamond shape means the basic outline of a gemstone when seen face up. Although picking a diamond shape for an engagement ring is a personal choice, we have made the selection process easier by listing and discussing the most popular diamond shapes. You can pick the shape that perfectly aligns with your style preferences.

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