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Upgrade Your Spring Wardrobe with Aquamarine Bracelet

Upgrade Your Spring Wardrobe with Aquamarine Bracelet

Spring is probably the most favorable time of the year as the weather is perfect for going out with friends and indulging in fun activities. But the season also demands a quick reshuffle of your wardrobe, so you have all the essentials stacked up in the closet. Most women make the mistake of focusing too much on clothes and leaving out the accessories while organizing their spring wardrobe, and we’re here to help you prevent this grave mistake. 

To keep your spring closet clutter-free yet trendy, we recommend stocking the following beautiful bracelets with your season’s favorite outfits and shoes. Even if you’re a minimalist, you’ll love our suggestions.

Beaded Bracelet

If you love shopping from local markets, you must have seen various beaded bracelets being sold in the open. Though the beads are primarily non-precious stones, you can take things a notch higher by replacing those beads with small aquamarine gemstones. You can purchase small aquamarine gemstones  cut in oval shape and get them securely placed in a beads format. 

It is best to get this work done by professionals. Look for reliable jewelry retailers who offer jewelry customization services and ask them to create a beaded bracelet using small-sized Aquamarine Jewels. And the best part is, this bracelet will go with every ensemble. It will be one fancy bracelet you’ll be proud to carry everywhere. 

Designer Bracelet

This option is for those women who don’t settle for less and always look for the best available option, irrespective of the attached price point. Designer bracelets fall under the high-end product category as well-known designers prepare such items from scratch. They are usually made using precious materials, like diamonds, platinum, and so on.

If you have the budget, you can approach a high-end jewelry retailer and ask them to create a stellar designer bracelet using natural aquamarine. They will show you the possible designs that can be made according to your request, and you can then finalize a design that grabs your attention. It is expensive but worth your money spent. You can wear designer aquamarine bracelets at big corporate events or special personal occasions. 

Tennis Bracelets

Another high-end bracelet, the tennis bracelet, is made entirely of sparkling diamonds. These bracelets come in different designs. Each design has a distinct shape and size of diamonds, while some even have one additional gemstone for a different look. You can easily find a tennis bracelet where both diamonds and aquamarine jewels have been used to create a stellar jewelry piece. Such bracelets go well with most outfits and are perfect for different events.    

Slider Bracelet

If getting the clasp on with one hand irritates you to the core, you should go ahead with slider bracelets. Extremely convenient to wear, these bracelets are available in a range of designs. From boho to dressed-up, casual to chic- you can find them all in good jewelry stores. These bracelets are sleek, elegant, and perfect for daily wear.  

Though these bracelets don’t necessarily come with any attached gemstone, you can always ask the retailer to do the needful for you. Women looking for a pretty, simple, and easy-to-wear bracelet should look for a slider bracelet with little Aquamarine Jewels attached to it.  

A bracelet is an elegant way to accessorize self. To keep minimum elements in your closet, we suggest buying an Aquamarine Bracelet, as it will look stunning with most of your outfits. If you haven’t purchased aquamarine gemstone bracelets before, you can consider purchasing any one from the options above.

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