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What Are The Questions To Ask Before You Buy An Eternity Ring

What Are The Questions To Ask Before You Buy An Eternity Ring

Eternity bands and rings have suddenly become super popular with millennials and Gen Z alike. Eternity rings are gorgeous pieces of jewelry, most often used to express the love you have for your partner. What makes eternity bands and rings so popular for wedding bands is their unique design, a loop of precious gemstones that are attached very closely together, to signify unending love. But before you jump the gun and make your purchase, it is important to keep a few things in mind about eternity rings. Let’s read a little about the history of eternity rings.

Eternity rings first originated in Ancient Egypt, around 4000 years ago and were given by couples to each other to mark special occasions and anniversaries. They were also known as “shen” rings and symbolized endless love. These days, people have various occasions to celebrate and couples have milestone anniversaries such as their 10ths and 20ths and eternity rings make for the perfect gift. If you’re looking for an engagement ring, buy emerald cut eternity wedding band for your partner. Buying an eternity ring is quite different from buying your usual engagement diamond because there are various additional parameters to consider. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before buying eternity bands and rings.

What will an eternity ring cost you?

Eternity rings have more diamonds, albeit smaller, than normal engagement rings do. Naturally, you’d think they would be costlier but that’s not always the case. The size, weight, cut and karat are what determines the price of any diamond, and these parameters can be adjusted according to your budget. Determining your budget is totally up to you and you can spend as much money on an eternity ring that you would have for a solitaire or keep it simple and more budget-friendly.

Is it better to buy a half eternity ring or a full eternity ring?

The endless loop of eternity rings are what symbolizes endless love and if you can, it’s always a good idea to buy a full eternity ring. However, in cases where your ring size fluctuates often or you have a smaller budget, or you simply don’t like the feel of gemstones around your finger, buying a half eternity ring is a great option. Half eternity rings can be resized without any hassle as the lower half is just precious metal. Your personal preference, day to day hands on activities and your ring size are ultimately the factors you should keep in mind before buying an eternity ring.

Can eternity bands be worn on any finger?

The short answer to this is yes, it is completely up to you to decide which finger you want to wear your eternity ring on. However, if the eternity band in question is an engagement ring or has been a gift for a very special occasion then wearing it on your ring finger is more appropriate. Eternity rings are great for stacking and layering and thanks to their versatility you can wear them however you want.

What style of eternity ring should you buy?

There is a vast selection of styles available for eternity rings to choose from. The pave eternity ring setting is the most prevalent form of setting for an eternity band, and it is the type of setting that is most commonly used for delicate eternity rings that complement an engagement ring. In this type of ring setting, the diamond is set into the metal, and then prongs are pressed over the stone from the sides. This type of ring setting is most commonly used for setting smaller diamonds.




Shared prong eternity rings, which are also frequently referred to as U-shape eternity bands, include prongs that are shared between two diamonds and are hollowed out to enable a great deal of light to enter from the side of each diamond.

 SKU: CJ-R-1336-BS-YG-NW


In channel set eternity rings, the diamonds are kept in place in a channel that is formed by bars of metal that travel around the ring finger. If you like more metal surrounding each stone, you can choose this style. Either the diamonds are secured in place from the back, or they have tiny pave prongs in front of them. Even while the additional metal shields the diamonds from harm, it does prevent some light from passing through.

SKU: CJ-R-1345-D


Bezel set eternity rings have each diamond encased in its own separate metal bezel, which not only gives the ring a sleek and contemporary appearance but also helps to safeguard the stone.



You can choose eternity rings and bands based on your personal preference, the level of comfort you want and often you want to wear them. Another thing to keep in mind while selecting the design is choosing a style that won’t get caught on your clothes and hair.

Which is the best cut for an eternity ring?

Even though round diamonds are by far the most popular option for eternity bands, the beauty of alternative diamond shapes should not be underestimated. Because the straight edges of each diamond may be put side by side, baguette diamond eternity rings and emerald cut eternity bands are highly eye-catching. This creates a complete wall of brightness around the finger. Diamonds cut in an oval form or a marquise shape are two more beautiful designs that may be used to design eternity rings.

Eternity bands and rings are a popular choice among people all around the world and there is no better way to declare your love for your partner than by gifting them an eternity band on your special days.


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