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What you need to know about Tanzanite Diamond Jewelry

What you need to know about Tanzanite Diamond Jewelry

There are many gems that have been discovered and launched over the last century. One of the gems that were launched in the market spectacularly in 1968 was the tanzanite. It was declared as the birthstone of December. It was first discovered in the East African country of Tanzania. Hence, the name tanzanite. There has been a mystery about how tanzanite came to be one of the most popular stones in the market. There are very few facts known about tanzanite and many people still know very little. Here is a comprehensive guide on tanzanite that will help you when you are looking to buy tanzanite.

If you are looking to buy this attractive gem in the form of a Tanzanite Diamond Engagement then here are some pros and cons you should consider.

Pros and cons of Tanzanite Diamond Engagement Rings

Tanzanite has a unique hue that ranges from a deep blue colour to a sparkling violet. The gemstone itself has a great colour and it can vary according to size. However, it has the same reflective quality and rarity. It can make any piece of jewelry feel special. A Tanzanite diamond engagement ring is a great idea and the size of the stone matters but there isn’t a very big cost difference like the other gems. Tanzanite stones are more delicate than diamonds and when using them on a daily basis, it is essential to be careful and protect them as much as possible.

Things to know about Tanzanite jewelry

The colour of Tanzanite is reason enough to buy all sorts of pieces of jewelry including Tanzanite diamond earrings. However, there are many other reasons why you should consider buying tanzanite. There are a few things that you should definitely be aware of before you buy it. Here are some of the things to keep in mind.

  1. Affordability – Tanzanite is much more affordable than the other gemstones and it lends a regal touch to any jewelry it is used in. The cost can be quite a bit when you are looking at the higher-carat stone but it is still lesser as compared to other stones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.
  2. Piece of jewelry – As mentioned above, the Tanzanite Diamond Engagement ring is a great idea. However, since the stone itself is a little delicate, it is perfect to be used in other jewelry pieces like pendants, earrings, and so on.
  3. Quality of the stone – Like all translucent stones, ensure that your stone does not have inclusions within the stone. The stone should not be scratched or fractured. Ensure that the cut is proper and the edges are not chipped.
  4. Colour of the tanzanite – Check that the colour of the tanzanite is even. The shade may vary but it should be even in the stone. Not all of us are experts and the easiest way to test the colour is to put the stone against white paper or any even and white, surface.

How can you care for your tanzanite jewelry?

A beautiful pair of Tanzanite Diamond Earrings deserve the best of care. They are easy to maintain and they have very little requirement. One of the ways you can clean your Tanzanite Diamond Engagement Rings is by using soap and water. Avoid brushes of any kind and instead, use a sponge. If the dirt is stubborn then you can think of using a soft toothbrush. A harder brush can scratch the surface of tanzanite. If you are thinking of storing tanzanite safely, then consider outing it in a single plastic bag or a velvet cover, or a box. Avoid any contact with other pieces of jewelry to ensure there are no scratches. Tanzanite can be cleaned at home using soap nuts as well. It produces less foam but it is a natural way to make your stone sparkle and get rid of dirt.

Facts about Tanzanite that will make you love it more

Tanzanite is rarer than a diamond itself. Since it is only found in Tanzania, the reserves are also more precious. Tanzanite goes through processes to make it worthy of hitting the shelves in the market. The proper cuts, clarity, and designs can only be achieved at the hands of a proficient jeweler. Tanzanite has a unique quality of reflecting various colours in various cuts of stone. If you change the angle of the stone, then you may catch glimpses of violet as well. Another interesting thing about tanzanite is that the colour changes according to the lighting. The impact of natural light and incandescent light on tanzanite is different. Tanzanite is not naturally pure blue but jewelers cut it in a way to enhance the blue shade of the stone. There are many cuts of Tanzanite available in the market but the most popular one is oval, especially in Tanzanite Diamond Earrings.

Spiritual benefits of donning tanzanite

Tanzanite is said to have healing powers and is said to be beneficial for Aries and Pisces. Blue and violet gemstones are considered the best for spiritual healing and are said to connect deeply with inner strengths, spiritual guides, angelic realms, and higher consciousness. It is said to strengthen your immune system, improve overall body health, and detoxify your blood. It is also said to promote healthy hair. It can calm down an overburdened mind.

The advantages of tanzanite may be many but the main advantage is that tanzanite looks beautiful in every setting. Tanzanite is expected to be all mined out in a matter of 15 to 17 years. This makes it a valuable resource too. The clarity of average tanzanite is much higher than that of most gemstones that are popular. If you remain unsure of how to check for the quality of Tanzanite when you are going to buy some, it is best you check out videos and articles online and take a look at a comprehensive checklist.

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