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What are the Things To Remember When Buying An Eternity Ring Online?

What are the Things To Remember When Buying An Eternity Ring Online?

With the passage of time and the variety of jewelry available in the market, the whole concept of gifting as well as buying a ring for oneself has changed. Jewelry is no longer a once-in-a-lifetime affair. It can be used to celebrate any occasion or a milestone in one's life. The revolution in ring design has ensured that there is a ring for every momentous occasion of your life and for every important person in your life. Whether you are looking for a gold ring or a Solitaire, you are sure to get a variety of options that can easily fit your budget. When you are looking for engagement rings, you need not stick to the conventional ones either. Popularly, a wedding ring is generally an eternity ring.

An eternity ring is a great option to buy for your special someone as it represents a lifetime of promises and happiness. It is a band studded with diamonds that goes all the way around the finger. The diamonds are fixed in a precious metal like platinum or white gold. It makes for a great anniversary, birthday, wedding, or engagement ring.

Things to remember while buying an eternity ring

Cost of various rings

Even while looking for an eternity ring, it is essential to remember that are different kinds. The cost of the ring will depend on the diamonds (cut, clarity, inclusions, carat), the weight of the metal used, the size of the ring, and many such factors. When you start your search, it is essential to fix a budget so that you don't end up overspending. It can be difficult to readjust the size of an eternity ring and that is why it should be picked carefully. Unlike in the case of earrings one size does not fit all, and if you planning to gift it, the size should be perfect.

Types of eternity rings

Just like any other piece of jewelry, there are various types of eternity rings that are available in the market. Starting with a full ring, there is also a 3/4th or half eternity ring design available. These rings do not have diamonds all the way around and instead have them only halfway through. This can bring down your budget quite a bit or you can get diamonds of higher clarity, better cut, and higher carat in the same budget. These types of rings are good for those who plan to use their eternity rings on a daily basis. People who love gardening, enjoy cooking, and get their hands dirty can go for this kind of ring. However, do not be surprised if you look down at your finger and see only the metal band when the ring twists. This particular thing can be quite annoying for those who are looking to show off their ring and require an order and an organized approach to everything.

Size and shape of the eternity ring

The shape of the eternity ring depends upon the cut of the diamond and the style setting of the ring itself. Like any other diamond ring, the cut of the Diamond matters a lot and gives the ring its true character. If you are wondering regarding the size of the diamonds on your eternity ring, then one of the things that you should consider is whether you will be stacking your eternity ring with other rings on your finger. Another factor you should consider is which finger you will be wearing it in. The various types of style settings available like a split prong, pave, channel pave, milgrain, and shared prong can make your ring go from a gifting ring to a wedding ring.

Due diligence

Whether you plan on making the eternity ring your wedding ring or it is just another ring that you are planning to buy, it is essential to do proper research. The research should be regarding the factors that affect the eternity ring and regarding the jeweler as well. Ensure that the diamonds you are being given come with a certificate. The diamond ring that you purchase should also come with a separate authenticity certificate. At the same time, find out more about eternity rings like - cost, maintenance, designs available, customization possible, style settings, precious metals that can be used, and so on. Doing your due diligence will ensure you not only get a good deal but also get an authentic and flawless product.

Match with the rest of the collection

While buying a ring, take a look at the collection the person already may have. This is especially important if it is to be a gifting ring. Check out the options available and see whether a gold ring or a platinum ring fits the bill best. See if the person has earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces along the same lines. Engagement rings popularly have diamonds, but you can stray from the conventional path and go for other precious stones like Rubies, Emeralds, and so on.

A lot of youngsters are now deviating from traditional ring designs and opting for eternity rings. These look classic and simple without looking tacky or over the top. Eternity rings are perfect to add some sparkle to a celebration of forever. They have been a symbol of eternal love and life for centuries and the glamorous version is available in the market now. While eternity rings are incredibly romantic and make one's intentions of care well known, it is important to buy them mindfully. Use this as a comprehensive guide to help you on your journey to finding the perfect eternity ring.

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