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natural emerald earrings

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Gemstone Wedding Earrings

Weddings bring out the best in everyone and they get dressed up and adorn their most precious jewellery, giving them a chance to flaunt their heirlooms and choices. Buying wedding gemstone jewelry can be exciting. The search for the piece that will make you stand out takes you weeks, and sometime...
tanzanite engagement rings

Ten Things about Tanzanite Rings You Have To Experience It Yourself

Choosing your ring can be adventurous, challenging yet a beautiful experience. While diamond has dominated most of the market of rings, when we talk about a symbol of love and individuality, the demand has shifted to the alternative rare gemstone-like Tanzanite. Thus, this post will brief you abo...
tanzanite stones for sale

Top Five Common Prejudices About Tanzanite Rings

Whether you love wearing jewelry or not, a ring is something you cannot say no to. This small yet impressive jewelry item is available in a range of options. While diamond rings, Emerald solitaire rings, and others are increasingly becoming common in the fine jewelry market, rings made of Tanzani...
Tanzanite Rings

Why Is Everyone Talking About Tanzanite Rings?

What is Tanzanite? Tanzanite is a blue and purple stone that has gained popularity. Tanzanite is a gemstone that was first unearthed in Tanzania. It is exclusively found around the region of Mt Kilimanjaro. This dazzling stone looks like a different shade every time you look at it because of the ...
Emerald Earrings Online

Gold Gemstone Rush: Top Picks For Your Anniversary

Immortal love is the stuff of dreams and once you find the right one for you, it is better than a dream. The comfort of having someone to hold and cherish should be celebrated as often as possible, especially on anniversaries. Your partner in the highs and lows of life should be appreciated and t...
How Tanzanite Pendant Can Increase Your Profit!

How Tanzanite Pendant Can Increase Your Profit!

Gemstones are precious stones that occur naturally. These are mined and then cut to create shiny facets. These have been around for centuries and paintings and drawings are proof of the same. These symbolize success and wealth. Engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, and other such jewellery,...

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