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10 Jewelry Styles That Will Make You Excited To Dress Up Again

10 Jewelry Styles That Will Make You Excited To Dress Up Again

Named after the Latin word which means sea and water, aquamarine, greenish-blue colored gemstone embarks radiance like the color of waves. While it symbolizes youth and positivity, the aquamarine gemstone is said to make one feel warm-hearted. These attributes make this gem a splendid choice to wear. Thus, there are different ways to match the aquamarine gemstone with your jewelry and outfit and make it seamlessly fit the wardrobe. 

Color coordination:

Coordinating with the colors of the outfit can make or break the look. To coordinate rightly, match the stone with your wardrobe items that are in shades of blue, lavender, rose, or peach. Choosing blouses in these colors is going to make the Aquamarine  Pendant from Chordia Jewels stand out. 

Matching shapes:

Since gemstones come in a variety of shapes and cuts, matching aquamarine gem with outfit print is no exception. Try matching the pattern of your favorite outfit with the shape of your aquamarine jewelry to dazzle easily.

Coordinating jewelry:

Coordinating the right jewelry piece with aquamarine is to make sure it complements the stone jewelry. For example, the heat from yellow or rose gold jewelry clashes with the calming effect of aquamarine. Thus, complementing it with calming jewelry like pearl, white diamond or silver jewelry is the right way. 

Mix and Match jewelry:

Mix and matching the jewelry pieces is an age-old trend, but doing it right is not a simple task. Choosing complimentary colored jewelry is an easy trick to create a style statement. Blue Topaz or turquoise goes hand-in-hand with an aquamarine gemstone for the blue ensemble look.

Go Semi-formal:

If you are in love with a buttoned-up blouse for a formal and casual look, choosing the blouse in blue shades to match and make your aquamarine pendant or earring stand out is the right way to style your outfit. 

Go cute yet casual:

Since aquamarine is fun and calming, choose this piece to go well with your floral outfit on a casual dinner date or a chic jumpsuit look for your first date. For your winter casual day, wear your aquamarine with your leather jacket look to appear both fun and classy. 

Professional pairing:

Though calming, aquamarine looks highly sophisticated. Thus, it is a perfect choice to wear at your workplace by pairing your favorite gemstone jewelry with a pencil skirt attire or a power suit to pop this gemstone piece in elegance. 

Chic winter outfit:

A brown coat and aquamarine jewelry are must-have items for a winter outfit. Pair these two together with your boots for an extra dose of a chic factor effortlessly on a winter evening.

For the beachy vibes:

With the blue hues of the aquamarine gemstone that resembles the beach water and vibes, pair this soothing gemstone with your white beach lace cropped top and shorts to ace this comfort styling. 

Comfort and utility outfit:

As comfortable as a black maxi dress, complete this utility appearance by pairing it with aquamarine jewelry. This will help one keep it simple, yet trendy at the same time. 

Now that you know how to assemble outfits and jewelry with aquamarine gemstone, it’s time for you to shop your other favorite aquamarine jewelry from Chordia Jewels at the most competent price to style it beautifully. 

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