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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Gemstone Wedding Earrings

Weddings bring out the best in everyone and they get dressed up and adorn their most precious jewellery, giving them a chance to flaunt their heirlooms and choices. Buying wedding gemstone jewelry can be exciting. The search for the piece that will make you stand out takes you weeks, and sometimes months. The latest trend lays more emphasis on certain key pieces of jewellery that bring together your entire look. While shopping for jewellery, it is important to remember that the bride and the groom are the centres of attention on their special day and you should wear jewellery that keeps the focus on them. 

If you are shopping for your wedding, then you can go overboard and then some. You should remember that nothing says elegance more than a single glittering piece and overdoing it can end up making you look tacky. This can be a stunning pair of earrings from Chordia Jewels or a lovely emerald ring. The captivating hues of colour can add a touch of class and that is why gemstones are all the rage now. 

How do you pick a gemstone?

If you are a fan of single and opulent gemstone studs, you need to be equipped with the right knowledge to pick out the best. The best way to start your search is by thoroughly examining the information available in the market and determining your requirement, budget and availability. All gemstones have a common way of being categorized. The superiority of the gemstone is determined by colour, cut, clarity, and carat. The coloured gemstones have a wide range and the vivid hues make these rare and more popular. The colour of the gemstone largely depends on the size and the cut of the stone.  Lot of times the cost of the gemstone depends on how rare the colour is. 

The cut of the gemstone affects the refraction of light and in simpler words, makes it more sparkly! The perfect cut ensures that there are no dull facets and the beauty of the colour is boosted with the cut. The clarity of the stone is a way to express if any materials are trapped inside, or if it has any imperfections like cracks or blemishes. The better is the clarity of the gemstone, the higher is the cost. Carat is a measure used to weigh gemstones as they are smaller and need a refined system. 

Earrings and Emeralds

A pair of lovely Emerald earrings from Chordia jewels can set you apart in a sea of stars. You don’t need a necklace if you have the perfect pair of earrings. Chandelier earrings, ear cuffs, studs, and there are a lot of other varieties that can transform the way you look. One of the most versatile gemstones is emerald. The green beauty has a deep and rich green colour that can capture your attention from miles away. It is beautiful and can be used on its own or in a combination with diamonds. Emeralds look good with silver, platinum, gold, and rose gold as well. Incorporating emeralds in intricate designs can look pretty and add a pop of colour to the design. 

One of the best qualities of emerald gemstone is that no matter the size, the colour of the gemstone remains intact and does not become lighter. Emeralds are perfect to be used in earrings as they are more brittle than most stones and can get damaged easily. 

The brilliance of emeralds gracefully shines through with every now and every shake of your head.

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