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5 Fun Facts and Style Tips About Pendant Necklace

5 Fun Facts and Style Tips About Pendant Necklace

What women want is really simple, we would love to have simple, stylish, chic, and affordable pieces of jewelry that we can wear on different occasions with flair. Buying ornaments for different events can get a little out of budget and may not turn out to be a happy occasion as we originally pictured it to be. Therefore, finding pieces of jewelry that would fit all the categories without creating a dent in the pocket would be a dream come true. One such type of jewelry is – a pendant necklace. Pendants can come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and can be mixed and matched to be paired with different chains. This alternating and pairing works well as it gives an almost new look every time it is worn with different outfits. For example, wearing a solitaire pendant at a party, at a graduation ceremony, a casual date, a birthday dinner, a business lunch, or an important meeting will naturally hold different meanings owing to the attire in question. A little black dress, the graduation gown, a pair of jeans and a top, formal pants and shirt, or a summer dress will make the Solitaire Pendant feel like a whole new stone and jewelry. 

Here are some fun facts about pendant necklaces that will make you want it even more: 

Necklaces are usually considered to be contemporary accessories, however, they have been worn since ancient times. The earliest necklace is known to be as old as 40,000 years ago, in the Stone Age. Naturally, the pendants in those days were stone-like and were slowly evolved into what we see today. The early ones were made of bones, shells, small stones or even teeth gathered during hunting. 

The evolution of necklaces slowly began once the discovery of metals such as iron, gold, bronze, and silver came into the picture. These new options gave the humans more varieties to experiment with and add to the classic necklace designs. 

In the olden times, these pieces of jewelry were popular ornaments for both men and women. As we have seen, Kings and Queens used to adorn these and occasionally part as gifts to their subjects. Women were more often seen wearing Pendant Necklaces while men usually wore simpler ones, referred to as chains. 

Necklaces also had a status symbol attached to them. The ones that were heavier, with gemstones and thick gold chains were a sign of wealth and higher rank in social status in the 14th and 15th centuries. 

Particularly about pendants, the different forms it takes can be fascinating. Crosses, lockets, amulets, hearts, pearls, or gemstones, a pendant can be made out of these. Originally during the prehistoric days, amulets were the most popular and significant forms of jewelry. Even in the early 21st century, amulets retain their status as good-luck charms and protection from the evil eye. 

Reading about the origin and the meaning attached to pendants, different stones and the manner in which they evolved arouses a lot of curiosity and makes us want to have them in our closets. Buying pendants would be a good idea especially if we were aware of the various ways in which we could style them. We want the jewelry to look as fresh as possible even if we repeat them often.

Here are a few styling tips and tricks that we could use to make our pendants look radiant and new:

Create layers – One of the most basic tips to style any ornament would be to add layers. Regarding pendant necklaces, you can start with a choker-like chain or a slightly thicker band at the top, and then trailing downwards would be the thinner chains with pendants. Different colors and shapes of the pendants would work like a charm. Layering should be done depending on the neckline. This would work best if the neckline was deep enough for a few layers to get in. 

Focal point – Think about what you would want the focus of your outfit to be? Even a simple and seemingly casual outfit can be made to look transformed with the right accessories. Choose necklaces and pendants that would make the outfit stand out. If the outfit is in solid colors, wearing a pendant that is contrasting and slightly larger in size would bring out the whole attire. Contrarily, if the outfit is loud with several colors, go with a smaller dainty-looking pendant to make it look graceful enough. 

Type of clothing – Women love to experiment even with clothes. Therefore, with the different attires that we wear, here is how we can add necklaces:

Collared shirts – Keeping the top button open, a necklace with a tiny -pendant (solitaire or colored) will stand out. 

V-neck t-shirts – Ensure that the necklace is short enough to not touch the top of the clothing

Blazers and jackets – Gold or geometric necklaces look classy with these formal clothes. 

Denim – For a funky look, you can go for neon pendants or even plain chains with small pendants. 

There are no restrictions in styling necklaces these days. The boundaries of fashion have evolved to an extent that any new method is becoming a trend good enough to follow. Explore your boundaries regarding fashion and add pendants to your collection. Look fresh and new every day with different styles and accessories to add to your radiance and confidence. 

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