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Things to Keep In mind while shopping Gold Rings

Things to Keep In mind while shopping Gold Rings

Gold Jewelry and Indians have always been akin to each other since times unknown. While adorning has always been labeled beautiful, stylish, mode- enhancing one’s idea of beauty, buying has always been a close-knit exercise of the elders in the family. This picture has however been changing lately, Jewelry shopping is no longer a private affair but a casual trip to a nearby Jewelry store. Along with it are the different buying avenues available. For example, one can now buy Engagement Rings online in a few simple clicks than take time to visit a Jewelry shop along with family. Secondly, the variety is so huge that one practically gets perplexed to choose from. A simple ring can come in different gold tones, purity, weight, and design, weight, and price ranges. For example, a ring can come in different styles such as an 18K white gold ring, diamond studded gold ring, gemstone gold ring, etc- the scope of choosing one remains to be simply vast.

With variety comes a lot of skepticism too, so here are a few points to help you to remain cool and assist you to pick the right ring.

1. Ring Size: Whether choosing to buy online or in-store, exact ring size is what one should primarily start with. Without an exact ring size, all further steps go for a toss. Hence, visit your nearest Jeweler and take time to measure your ring size or there are a number of size guides available online that can help you find out the size.

2. Understand your purpose: Buying a ring for daily use is entirely different from buying one for engagement. Buying a plain 18K yellow gold ring is easy and effortless instead of a diamond ring. So, the purpose of purchase is something that we should take note of, this also helps us to filter out in terms of price, weight, and design. Thus, helping us shop quick and fast.

3. Understand your Style: Gold Rings come in different styles, patterns, designs, and weight ranges. Understanding our preference may be easy but finding may not be. Hence, one should take enough time to browse through different designs, patterns, etc to firstly understand the available variety and then choose one. For Example, if you are looking to buy a diamond engagement ring in Jaipur or Surat or for that case any location there are some common attributes such as cut, clarity, color to look for. Apart from that the stone mounting, the diamond quality, the settings, the certification, and a whole lot of things to consider and look for before completing the purchase. Hence it is advised to visit a trusted jeweler to buy.

4. Consider trying the ring: Not every Jeweler will have a try @home option but when you choose to buy gold rings online, look for easy returns & exchange policies. It is a naked truth that only a handful of Jewelers provide the luxury of try@ home. In cases where you don’t have to look if the Jeweler has a robust return policy. This is just a mark of caution to ensure the products can be exchanged or returned for any size variations.

5. Inspect stones: If you are choosing a Gemstone Ring or a diamond ring, ensure they are accompanied by valid certifications. For example: buying Diamonds in Surat, gold Jewelry in Jaipur is often tricky as they are the main gold hubs of India, there would be several Jewelers and one needs to properly authenticate before buying from any of them.

You can do so by searching for their online presence, reaching out to them, looking for them across other established e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or Etsy, etc.

The question of where to buy is often open at large and lingers on. There are many Jewelers out there, to choose one will be a tough call. Price variations, design differentiation, weight ranges, certifications, gold purity, certifications, the credibility of the Jeweler are a few factors that one needs to look at deeply.

While we all cherish buying gold jewelry for the dear position it holds in our lives, care and caution should be exercised too. Hope the above insights throw light on the lesser-known aspects of shopping for gold rings.

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