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Five Easy Ways to Facilitate Halo Earrings

Five Easy Ways to Facilitate Halo Earrings

We have heard the phrase ‘put a ring on it’ but fashionistas and designers have given the phrase a whirl and changed it to ‘put a ring around it. This is exactly how one would describe the ‘halo’ fashion trend. In other words, it is a gemstone or a diamond that is surrounded by smaller stones in a circle. This fashion trend is ringing all kinds of style bells as they not only provide an angelic appeal in the form of a halo band around the center stone but they also protect the stone from everyday wear and tear. This trend, however, is not new, it is quite vintage. Originating in the early 1900s, this style has found itself to be a re-emerging trend over the last few years and is now burning hot and causing rage in the fashion world. Not only rings, halo style has been adopted in all categories of jewelry such as necklaces, elegant bracelets, earrings, etc. The popularity of the style has also made designers think of and create double halo pieces of jewelry.

Why are they popular: We see many celebs, royals, and red carpet walkers drip in halo jewelry. Some of the most prominent members of the royal family have been seen sporting this look. Princess Diana’s engagement ring was halo-style and this is similar to Kate Middleton’s ring as well. Recently, Meghan Markle was seen debuting a pair of Cartier halo earrings in a diamond. The best part about this style is that the shape and size need not be a concerning factor. Whether it is round, oval, pentagon, or any other shape, halos can be made to look chic and elegant. Owing to the smaller stones encircling the center one, the one in the middle seems much larger than it really is thus maximizing its brilliance and magnifying the sparkle.

How to Style Halo Earrings:

While these earrings are famous for being the most prominent evergreen wears, something a woman can don with different types of outfits with grace and ease, here are a few easy ways in which you could wear your halo earrings and make them even more popular. 

1. Work Outfits:

For a super classy and stylish look, you can wear halo earrings on work outfits. Any formal shirt paired with a skirt or pants and a coat would go very well with this style of earrings. The reason why they stand out when matched with a white shirt is owing to the very nature of the jewelry. Since the diamonds around the center gemstone enhance its beauty and brilliance, it looks larger. Now imagine a contrast and colored gemstone shining bright in the hue of the white shirt. What a sight to see!

2. Girly Outfits:

This look will be cute and classic while exuding femininity and grace when a woman wears it. A simple piece of clothing – a top and jeans - may not be girly enough for our liking. The way to make this more feminine would be to add a pair of halo earrings to it. These earrings may be sparkly but need not be very loud. Small stud would do the work well. For example, wearing a lacy dress would bring out the figure and would scream a womanly style, but add a pair of elegant halo earrings and watch the ensemble grow on the whole.



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3. Parties:

Needless to say, these earrings would be great companions for events and parties you might have to attend. At times, occasions like these call for outfits that are loud and may have a lot of work done on them, during such times, you would want your jewelry to be minimalistic but enough. In such cases, wearing a contrast halo earring would be the way to go. Whether they are studs or drops, either of them would help you get the look you are going for.

4. Brunches and Dates:

Any exciting event in one’s life can be commemorated with memories. To make those memories more special, add jewelry. Halo earrings are your best friends for simple events like brunches or dates. They are not too much but just enough to add a little bit of glamour and oomph to the outfit. Wear a flowy dress or a printed top, these pairs can go with anything.Halo Earrings


5. Daily Wear:

Your halo earrings need not be bulky and over-the-top, they can be minimalistic, simple, and dainty. Such halo earrings can be worn every day with any outfit even loungewear! The ones made purely of diamonds and no colored stone would be the ideal choice for daily wear earrings in the halo form.

There is no limit to styling Halo Earrings. They are some of the easiest pairs to work with and a definite designer’s favorite. Choose your halo earrings now and add them to your collection. Wear them to parties, events, meetings, or lectures and amp up your style quotient. 

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