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5 Reasons Why People Love Tanzanite Bracelet

5 Reasons Why People Love Tanzanite Bracelet

A piece of jewelry is something that all love to admire, adorn and flaunt. It has become the fashion statement in the modern day. Jewelry can be adorned in many creative ways. The more creative you are with the pieces of jewelry you have, the more fashionable you can be by blending them with the right attire. The jewelry pieces that you can style yourself with can be earrings, necklaces, bangles, finger rings, nose pins, bracelets and so on. The list is endless and variations in jewelry is diverse. 

Hand adornments to make your hand look beautiful

When it comes to adorning one’s self, we mostly focus on the facial adornments thinking that these will reflect in the face and add radiance to it. Most of the time we either ignore or do not pay much attention to the hand adornments. Styling the hands with a piece of the bracelet is the means to achieve a modern and minimal look. There are many varieties of bracelets available online. But the most attractive and priced one is the Tanzanite bracelet. The reason is that the gemstone Tanzanite is the rarest gemstone found recently. The rare things are usually the most precious ones. And it is available only at one place that is the northern part of Tanzania near the Mount Kilimanjaro Hills in Mererani. 

Tanzanite Bracelet

Types of bracelets

  • Bangle and cuff bracelets – These bracelets are generally round with different widths. They can be easily worn as there is a clasp that helps in the fitting.
  • Tennis Bracelets – These are flexible and are timeless piece of accessories that gives a classic look. It can be paired with any attire. 
  • Charm bracelets – This is usually a chain where some mementoes can be added. It can also be personalized with the addition of pendants or baubles according to your likes. 

The perfect place to get your precious tanzanite bracelet

How amazing is to own a piece of a Tanzanite Gemstone in the form of a bracelet. You can flaunt it by pairing it with any attire in your wardrobe. Grab everybody’s attention on the occasions that you go by styling it in your hands. However, getting the natural tanzanite gemstone becomes challenging with the availability of so many purchasing platforms where you are not sure whether the gemstone is natural or synthetic. However, Chordia Jewels are famous for their efforts in collecting the gemstone directly from the mines and using them to craft a piece of beautiful jewelry out of them. So, you get the real and rare gemstone delivered to your doorstep without any hassles in the form of a bracelet. 

Buy Tanzanite Bracelet

Reasons to have a tanzanite bracelet

Apart from being a Precious Gemstone, tanzanite gemstone has a beautiful intense blue colour, which sometimes shows red and violet hues which is the main attraction and has a lot of benefits to offer you.  

  • Wearing a tanzanite bracelet can be effective to the eyes and ears making them function well.
  • It also is believed to promote brain activation thereby enabling the person to have a sharp and agile mind.
  • It is known to help in the stimulating of cell regeneration that is profitable to the bones and the skin. 
  • This gemstone is believed to improve the function of the nervous system by proper circulation and improves the immune system.
  • It helps stimulate the creativity of a person in the area of music, paintings, etc.
  • Tanzanite gemstone is also believed to enlighten wisdom and help overcome hurdles.

These are some reasons that enable you to go for a tanzanite bracelet.


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