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Best 10 Aquamarine Fine Jewellery Gifts for Yourself

Best 10 Aquamarine Fine Jewellery Gifts for Yourself

Jewellery has been in use for decades. It may have started from sticks and stones, but it has evolved over the years to what it is now. The sparkle of an earring or the gleam of a bracelet is reiterating your personality and taste. Dressing up for any occasion is fun and you get a chance to shine. Jewellery is a personal choice and gifting is more about the gesture than the jewellery piece itself. It symbolizes your affection and love for the person. It is a way to express intimacy and strengthen the bond between you. It is the perfect thing you can gift yourself because you deserve the best from yourself and for yourself. 

Be your favourite and pamper yourself with love and care. If buy jewellery for yourself once, you will see how wonderfully happy it will make you. The empowering feeling and the joy of telling yourself that you deserve the best is unparalleled. One of the most amazing gemstones is aquamarine. The delicate colour and the hues in every facet are fascinating. Here are some aquamarine jewellery ideas you can gift yourself. 

Rings –

Aquamarine rings look lovely when enveloped in a ring of diamonds. The blue of the stone is highlighted beautifully by the diamonds surrounding it. Aquamarine responds very differently to different kinds of cuts. A princess-cut Aquamarine Ring can be a graceful statement in itself. 

Earrings –

Aquamarine earrings are generally paired with diamonds to bring out the multiple shades of blue. Aquamarine studs can look classy and the light blue colour can match most outfits. This can be great for when you wish to adopt a minimalist approach and yet wish to stand out. You can look at some great designs online at Chordia Jewels.

Aquamarine and Diamond Necklace –

Aquamarine is a hard gemstone and does not scratch easily. A necklace with an intricate design can be perfect to incorporate these gemstones and break the monotony of the necklace.

Toe Rings –

Aquamarine toe rings can beautify your feet and are effective when you want to add unconventional accessories to the mix now and then.

Bracelets –

A single line of stones or a chain with charms, a bracelet can work wonders for when you wish to just pair a bracelet with a couple of earrings. Aquamarine bracelets can do wonders to a long-sleeved evening gown or a short-sleeved day dress.

Armlets –

Armlets look very chic with a sleeveless long and flowy gown. They add a touch of glimmer to your arm without taking the attention away from your main pieces.

Bangles –

Aquamarine bangles are a lovely way to add pizazz to your look. The designs for bangles can vary but the beauty of this gemstone will ensure you are the start of every event.

Pendants –

Aquamarine pendants look gorgeous, especially with the right cut. An oval cut or a natural solitaire can up your style quotient without making you look tacky. These pretty little things can be worn on any clothing and are appropriate for every event.

Rose gold –

Popularly, Aquamarine jewellery is made with white gold or silver. Chordia Jewels have an incredible selection of aquamarine with rose gold to choose from. Rose gold is a versatile metal and combined with aquamarine, they make the perfect pair to make you shine.

Nose Studs –

If you have a pierced nose, you can go for an aquamarine stud. A stud or a design can both look great. 

Celebrate being you, one jewellery piece at a time!

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