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5 Simple Steps to Personalized Aquamarine Jewellery

5 Simple Steps to Personalized Aquamarine Jewellery

The trend of gemstones is something that has not changed and will not change for a long time. The timelessness of these pieces is what people buy when they invest in jewelry. It can be fun to flaunt your favorite jewelry pieces and the value of these is much more than the cost. They can be passed down to the next generation and your legacy will be remembered. Jewellery can be an impulse purchase or a planned purchase. As long as you are planning to buy jewellery, you can consider getting the jewellery personalized.

Personalization is an ongoing trend that caught on when people realized that every single piece of jewellery can speak more about them. Everything you own has parts of your memories and personalization increases the sentimental value. Personalization is not only when you buy something for yourself and make it your own completely, but also when you wish to show your loved ones you care for them and appreciate them. It shows that you remember the smaller things about them and that gesture is bigger and better than any gift. Chordia Jewels offer stunning designs for you to choose from.

There are a lot of ways you can personalize aquamarine gifts. Let’s take a look at some of the ideas. 

1. Bracelet –

An aquamarine bracelet looks gorgeous no matter the time of the day. The subtle shades of blue accentuate any piece of clothing. The best way to personalize a bracelet is by adding a few charms! Delicate charms on the bracelet can speak volumes about the person. If you are gifting such a bracelet, it can show that you listen and remember whatever they may have to say. You can also look at a single stone with just one design joined by a chain if you want something sombre and not chunky.




2. Rings –

Rings are said to be symbols of love and affection. Whether you gift one to your mother, sister, father, or fiancé, rings always have the same impact. The circle is said to symbolize never-ending love for each other. Personalizing a ring can be done in 2 ways. You can get it inscribed or you can modify the shape of the ring. You can even add diamonds and play around with the metal bands to come up with a truly unique design.




3. Earrings –

Personalizing earrings might sound like a difficult task but it’s very easy! The first letter and the last letter of your name can make cute Dangling Earrings. If you are a plant parent, a small flower or a leaf can look very pretty.




4. Pendants –

Aquamarine pendants look gorgeous and can be worn with outfits of any color. The soothing blue does not clash with any color and does not overshadow other accessories as well. You can have the zodiac sign made with aquamarine or you can even get abstract pendants made. You are only limited by your imagination. You can add another small token along with the Aquamarine Pendant to make the necklace look quirky.

5. Wristwatch –

Wristwatches are a popular choice for gifting. The dual purpose of functionality and vanity is served well by watches and there are innumerable designs available. An aquamarine studded belt or an aquamarine studded dial can only add to your beauty. You can have these personalized with an inscription behind the dial or if you want to make a bold statement, you can even customize the dial as per you.

Enjoy the shades of blue with jewelry made especially for you!


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