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5 Things You Need To Know About Tanzanite Necklace Today

5 Things You Need To Know About Tanzanite Necklace Today

Gemstones are a well-loved option when it comes to timeless classics. Buying a piece of jewellery to celebrate love and bonds between loved ones is very common. The best way to celebrate is by buying jewellery that will last the test of time and never go out of fashion. Most people are looking to wear gemstones on a daily basis rather than for a special occasion. After all, why hide such treasures when you can wear them and flaunt them?

One such recently discovered gemstone is tanzanite. Tanzanite is becoming a common name in almost every household. The upcoming star of the gemstones market is recognized throughout the world after a well-known company coined the name. The blue colour stone has a wide range of qualities and colours and is becoming the most common choice for rings, pendants, and necklaces. The lovely gemstone is gaining much popularity because of a lot of reasons. Let us take a look at why people are choosing tanzanite over other gemstones.

1. It’s a Birthstone –

Tanzanite is a fairly new addition to the list of birthstones. It was recently declared as the Birthstone for December. Birthstones are indicative of your zodiac signs and are worn to harness good energy. A birthstone is believed to bring good luck and protect you from negative energy. They are said to give you good health and success. Birthstones are worn for spiritual reasons more than the fashion statement.


2. It’s Unique –

Tanzanite is found in only one pocket of the world. Unlike other precious stones, scientists believe that it is nearly impossible to find another source around the world. This gorgeous gem has caught the eye of fashionistas and the demand for this stone has increased. The small source compared with the brilliant colour makes this stone truly unique. Chordia Jewels offer a lovely selection of Tanzanite Jewellery that celebrates the uniqueness of this regal gemstone.

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3. It can be an investment –

Tanzanite mines are said to be limited in supply. After the sale of this stone gained momentum, the value of this stone increased considerably. The demand for this stone is much more than the current supply. This stone may not give you any profits over a short time but the value of this stone will increase in the long run. The rarity of this stone is not the only motivating factor. This stone looks better than any investment you will ever make!

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4. The colour –

Tanzanite comes in a variety of shades. The range of this stone is from blue to purple. There are purple tinges in every facet. Unlike Sapphire which has a blue colour throughout the stone, this stone reflects lights and there can be various shades of blue in the same stone. This makes the stone more attractive and it appears to glitter more. Nothing like an eye-catching tanzanite necklace to add glamour to your look irrespective of the kind of event or time of day.

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5. Beautiful jewellery –

There are a lot of gemstones available and they have been used over the ages to make jewelry. Tanzanite necklaces are not only trendy, but they break the monotony. Their versatile colour makes them look beautiful in any design. One of the most important aspects of a good gemstone is the cut. This depends completely on the jeweller. Tanzanite looks equally graceful in an oval or a heart shape. This stone can be paired with any other gemstone and yet it will not get overshadowed because of its unique character.

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