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How Much Should You Spend on Your Bracelet Jewelry

How Much Should You Spend on Your Bracelet Jewelry

There are multiple times wherein impromptu parties or outings are planned and there is not much time one has to plan outfits and get ready. In such cases, one has to make do with the resources that they have and the time constraints. Not only unplanned events but these are also times where a woman is working all day long; whether it is part-time, full time or even managing household chores, she may not have the luxury of getting ready for events as much as she’d like. Of course, anyone would want to look their best in what little time they may have. In such cases, simple jewelry hacks could be the way through. There are several feasible jewelry options these days that one could resort to. Fashion knows no bounds. Each day, designers and artists are coming up with new things that are inspirations and are breaking away from traditional and old-fashioned pieces. 

The benefits of bracelets: One does not have to be convinced on why these super simple pieces of jewelry are great buys and necessary to have in the jewelry collection. Firstly, owing to the easy-to-wear nature of this ornament, it often becomes a go-to item especially if one has a time crunch. Secondly, the pieces can be designed in multiple ways – it can be a simple diamond bracelet, a gemstone embedded one (here there can be another set of options regarding the type and color of the gemstone and the manner in which the piece is created), a plain band, etc. Thirdly, if not for oneself, because there often isn’t a problem concerning the size and fit, these can also turn out to be great items for gifting. 

However, jewelry is not always cheap, it can cause a dent in the pocket, and therefore, making any big purchase would require an estimation on the amount needed. However, to understand how much one should spend on a bracelet, it is important to first know the types of bracelets available, and their design and making. 

Types of Bracelets:

A personal item speaks volumes about the owner, about their status, style, taste, and many other things. Bracelets are often regarded as one of the oldest pieces of jewelry and they have a number of meanings attached to them. They can be considered as amulets, as a talisman, as a status symbol, can have a medical meaning, etc. This item of jewelry is most commonly used as a stunning fashion accessory that aids in expressing and emphasizing the individuality of the woman wearing it. 

1. Chain Bracelet – These bracelets are made with several links attached to one another. The links can be of the same shape, same size, same color, or even varying in these aspects. At times, there can also be links of different metals or encrusted in gemstones giving the piece a more luxurious and royal appearance. The most common variant would be the one made in a single metal. 

2. Charm Bracelet – This is the most common type of bracelet that is used as a gift. It has a composite band and the main feature of this band is a chain with large links. There are removable/detachable charms on the chain that can represent something personal, can be beads or pendants. Sometimes, these tiny accessories are non-removable as well and are a part of the chain. People can customize this bracelet and add features to it that they find personally meaningful. 

3. Tennis Bracelet – Another one of the common ones is a Tennis Bracelet. This could be one of the variants of a link bracelet and it is considered classic. It has stones, usually precious gemstones like diamonds, of the same size and shape probably with a designed element throughout the bracelet. They encircle the wrist like a sparkling halo. This bracelet is so carefully designed that a seamless effect is achieved as the clasp is hidden from view. The diamonds can be big or small and that can cause a variation in the thickness of the bracelet and therefore, the cost.

4. Cuff Bracelet – This is a widely popular type of bracelet that is usually made of metals and stones or is embedded with diamonds. It covers the wrist like a cuff covers a shirt. The size of this bracelet is usually large and can be decorated on the surface with gemstones, enamels and intricate designs, patterns, engravings, cuttings with metal, etc. The options can be endless as the manner in which this bracelet is carried usually varies. 

Naturally, the different types of bracelets require a variety of materials, designers, craftsmen, and artisans to work on. Bracelets with thicker bands would cost a lot as the metals and gemstones required to complete that piece would be greater. Similarly, bracelets made of pure diamonds would also be higher in budget. Simple bands and clasp bracelets with a tiny gemstone, as available with Chordia Jewels would not be very expensive and fall in the range of $200-650. This would depend on the gemstone, addition of diamonds, gold, etc. Based on your budget for a bracelet, you can look for the type that is best suited for you. 

Having this piece of jewelry in your personal collection would be a great benefit as they are easy and ready to wear for any occasion. Build your jewelry boxes with the best of bracelets at the earliest.

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