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How to Display Your Stone Ring Jewelry

How to Display Your Stone Ring Jewelry

In the olden days, the most common type of jewelry was made of stones, shells, or other materials that the gatherers could find. Slowly, as metals were discovered, the people started expanding and exploring the use of gold, silver, and iron to be used for making jewels. Intricate jewelry with heavy work and fine craftsmanship soon became the staple to go to concerning jewelry. Images of olden kings and queens wearing heavy gold ornaments covering their neck, feet, fingers, wrists, toes, head, etc are placed in museums and archived. Eventually, the trends shifted from gold to other, fresher materials that were discovered such as pearls. The more people explored, the more materials and metals they discovered to create ornaments from. In different continents and countries, newer discoveries were being made and with globalization, each person now has access to the different fashion styles across the world.

The trends of gemstones came into play recently and are here to stay. The new trend in ornaments is using precious and semi-precious gemstones within the traditional gold or silver background. We see celebrities flashing their precious stone jewelry at the MET Gala, Cannes festival, Paris fashion week, and many other global places. Designers and individuals get inspired by these looks as they are trendsetting if a supermodel is seen wearing them. Gemstone jewelry has many perks; it is one of the most accommodating styles of jewelry as it looks good on any design and can be worn as a necklace, ring, bracelet, pendant, etc. The multi-faceted nature of gemstones allows designers to channel their creative energy into deciding how and where to place them to make the ornament, outfit, and the person wearing it stand out.

One of the most appealing aspects of gemstones is that they can be worn by anyone. Once the person has an idea of what they would like to purchase, purchasing stone jewelry will be an easy task – be it online or offline. The designs can be selected in an age-appropriate manner. For example – for a teenager, tiny and dainty-looking rings can be selected that would not look too big on their hands while giving it a charming look. For adults, even larger stones set on rings would be appealing enough. The addition of a dark and striking color to the fingers, in the form of a ring, is eye-catching and often becomes the talk of the town.

Some stones that would look great embedded in a ring are:


 The beautiful color of this stone can be worn with any outfit and occasion. With a skilled artisan working on it, it can be cut in different shapes and the angles can give it a shine and radiance like no other gemstone. If embedded in diamond, silver, or gold jewelry, the glamor of this stone is enhanced even more. It can be worn as a contrast to attires of striking colors to make the stone stand out


A ruby is considered one of the easiest gemstones to use in the design of any ornament. Its stark red hue makes it a good fit with gold, white gold, rose gold, or even silver backdrops. A big red stone accentuating the fingers is what we need on fancy occasions. Rings can be paired with any style of outfit – cocktails, dinners, or engagement gifts as well.

Ruby jewelry


The most common use of this gemstone is primarily in Engagement Rings because of its attractive hue and radiance. The elegance of an opal spreads far beyond the woman wearing it. Adding jewelry made out of this exquisite gemstone to your existing collection immediately enhances its value even more. The different types of Opal like white, black, boulder, crystal, etc can be played and put in different backgrounds.

Rhodolite Garnet:

 Red stones are often popular choices when it comes to picking items of jewelry. This stone has a striking and deep color which makes it an instant attraction at one glance. One can never run out of ideas to style a red stone. The color goes well with attires that are from the family of the same shade. Garnish your collection with a garnet.

Stone Ring Jewelry


One does not need much convincing to purchase a ring made out of emeralds. This precious green stone has beautiful transparency that provides an exquisite look. One can choose to gift their partners a ring made out of silver with this beautiful green stone embedded in it. Wear this stone as a contrast or a perfect match with an outfit, it would look good either way.


 This gemstone is recently discovered and has a highly accentuated uniqueness and exclusivity. Tanzanite resembles the look of blue sapphire and would give the wearer a Princess Diana-like feel. Embed tanzanite with a halo of tiny diamonds all around it. It can be a stand-alone piece of jewelry to glam up the outfit and add the wow factor.

Styling rings is not a tough job. A woman can carry out the whole look by simply adding a ring to the ensemble. Whether the ring is a halo, a plain rock, 3 tiny gems, stones embedded all over, or several stones subtly fit into one, the look will be great. Build your collection of Gemstone Rings and style your outfits accordingly. 

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