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What are Halo Style Earrings?

What are Halo Style Earrings?

For almost every young girl, one of the earliest pieces of jewelry she owns is a pair of earrings. Getting their ears pierced is a very exciting moment in a girl’s life – a moment she has been looking forward to since childhood. Once they are pierced, there is no looking back. Shopping for different pairs and styles of earrings varying in length, type, design, style, make, material etc is what they look forward to. Keeping in mind different occasions and outfits, matching earrings and contrasting ones are bought to never fall short when it comes to dressing up for events. 

What are they:

Halo earrings are one style and type of earrings that look chic, elegant and are one of the most sought-after pieces by most girls and women. All across the world, there is a demand and want for this style as they not only look royal but are also stylish enough and easily help the woman wearing it become the center of attention. They radiate flair, sophistication, and elegance as they are carefully designed and each stone embedded into the earring contributes to completing the look. These earrings feature a large stone in the middle with accent diamonds surrounding the center stone creating a halo-like effect. They are trendy, classy, and timeless.

Why are they Popular:

Even though these earrings are traditional and have been in the fashion world for some time now, they still don’t fail to cause a range when a new collection comes out at any brand. Their popularity is due to a lot of reasons, timelessness being one of them, along with the sparkle and attractiveness that catches the eye at one glance. The effect these earrings create is immense. It is a complete value for money as the trend will never go out of style. The dignity and praise a woman receives upon adorning these earrings just make her want to build her collection with more of these earrings in a different style – studs, drops, double halo, etc. The versatility and grace tend to add to the desirability and make them the hottest trends of the year. 

What are designs available:

There are several different varieties of halo earrings available on the websites and stores of different brands. Designers take special time and care to curate the collection recognizing the demand and surge in popularity of these earrings.

•Detachable Halo Earrings –

One of the favorite types is the detachable style of the Halo Earrings. With different gemstones embedded in the center, the halo of tiny diamonds can be detached from the stone making it a mix-and-match piece. The gemstones available in this style are – blue sapphire, green peridot, pink tourmaline, Ethiopian opal, rhodolite garnet, Zambian emerald, among many others. The halo around it is made with real white diamonds in 14k gold. 


 Detachable Halo Earrings

Queen-Style Oval Halo Earrings –

To go for a slightly heavier and more traditional look, these are the pairs you can look for. The halo design is vintage and unique as it creates an oval but pointed look beyond the gemstone. The stones can be selected based on personal meaning, birthstone, favorite color, occasion and outfit shade, etc. The budget can also be taken into consideration while making this purchase. 

Simple Round Halo Earrings –

The simplest and most minimal designs when it comes to halo earrings are the traditional round cut halo earrings. This pair of studs is a 4mm gemstone that is surrounded by brilliantly cut diamonds. The diamonds are not very tiny giving the illusion of royalty and sophistication. The gemstones considered for these earrings are – striking blue topaz, vintage opal, attractive aquamarine, beautiful gold garnet, delicate and deep tanzanite, etc.Simple Round Halo Earrings


Simple Oval Halo Earrings – Like the round-cut ones, these earrings are oval in shape and look slightly bigger as they are cut in a manner that gives that feel. Made in 14k gold, these earrings are pretty and attractive and can be worn any time with any outfit

How to Style Halo Earrings:

The best part about the timelessness of these earrings is that one does not need guidance or a tutorial on how to style and wear them. Appropriate for any occasion, these earrings can be worn at graduation ceremonies, engagement parties, all bridesmaids can wear similar ones based on the colors of their dresses, birthday lunches, business meetings, or even every day. Since these earrings are simple, they can be worn any time. They are enough to be the focal point of the outfit and make it stand out even if the woman is not wearing any other pieces of jewelry.

Purchase halo earrings from one of the best brands available and find the best quality products along with an exclusive range and options. The packaging, delivery, and service will leave you wanting more. Find yourself amid stunning halo earrings and build your collection with the best in the business.

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