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Know Finishing and Hallmarking to Buy Genuine Jewellery Online

Know Finishing and Hallmarking to Buy Genuine Jewellery Online

Buying Gold Jewellery often accompanies with great thought that involves the planning of budget, occasion, selecting Jeweller, design, sizing etc. and if you decide to custom make then design, purity, gold tone are all a part of this buying ode.

While there is a more casual approach to buying Jewellery in store, such is not the case when you decide to buy gold Jewellery online. This is because we tend to have zero or less contact virtually when compared to a physical store. Hence greater care should be taken while buying. Here is a list of curated insights that can come handy when you buy Fine Gold Jewellery:

Understanding Jewellery Finish

It is highly common to get lured to the design aspects while buying gold Jewellery,  we often tend to keep the finish, gold hallmark, and certifications at the back seat. However, buying standard and quality gold is not only important but highly recommended.

Knowing about the various types of finish of the gold Jewellery is important when we wish to buy genuine Jewellery online.

High Shine/High Polish

We see this sort of finish in sterling silver, the highly neat finish that actually reflects our image is what this sort of polish gives us. The goldsmith simply uses his polishing wheel to buff them. Any rough edges, scratches, blemishes are all taken care while shining. This sort of finish is used to give the silver that finishing touch.

Matte finish 

It is one technique where the smith works on two processes to prepare the item for the final touch- one is the polishing wheel on high speed with aluminium oxide that gives the item that smooth, silky finish. Second is the polishing using a sandblasting machine, wherein the item is placed in the sandblasting machine which blasts Aluminium oxide on high pressure to create a brushed effect.

Few jewellers also called this type of finish as satin finish or the brushed finish.

A classic example of this technique is the couple bands that come in platinum or the white gold Jewellery rings, bangles etc. You can check several designs when you browse for white gold Jewellery online.

Hammered Finish

As the name suggests, hammered finish is a type that is typically created through hammering the metal. In the process, the goldsmith brings the item to an even finish and then taps with a hammer. Hammered Jewellery gives a relic and dull finish, it is ideally famous for men’s rings. Objects made in other metals such as copper, brass with a hammered finish renders a historic look.

Stipple Finish

Stipple Finish is not very common but gives a dramatic effect when done on elaborate items or gemstone Jewellery. The Stipple finish gives a sandy texture to the item, it is made by tapping heavily at the metal. While the finish is one side of the coin to look at while buying Yellow Gold Jewellery in India, the other side is definitely buying hallmark gold Jewellery

Here is what you should know about Hallmarking

Hallmark is a symbol of purity and authenticity of gold a hallmarked gold has 4 symbols each denoting a meaning. The gold is certified by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) with a purity mark & finesse, assaying centre identification mark and a Jewellers logo/code.

Why is it important?

A hallmark assures the authenticity of your purchase, it is also a mark that gives you a fair price while reselling your gold at a later date. While there is non- hallmarked gold also, it is always advised to but hallmarked gold only, when you buy online gold Jewellery do not miss on this aspect because this is the single source of authenticity that will secure your purchase a 100%.  While buying hallmark Jewellery online do not forget to look at the BIS mark.

What to do with gold that is not hallmarked?

We all may have legacy gold at our homes, whether they are hand-carved temple Jewellery or estate heirloom pieces, every Indian household is sure to have a pie. 

The concept of Hallmarking is a compelling way to protect customer’s interests; however, it did not exist in the olden days. For all such Jewellery, there are BIS certified hallmarking centres spread across the country. You can take your gold and get them certified at nominal fees. This way you are ensuring the purity mark of these items is intact and also ensuring a perfect resale value in future.

While hallmarking has been declared a mandatory process in India, it is yet to be implemented.

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