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Ten Things about Tanzanite Rings You Have To Experience It Yourself

Choosing your ring can be adventurous, challenging yet a beautiful experience. While diamond has dominated most of the market of rings, when we talk about a symbol of love and individuality, the demand has shifted to the alternative rare gemstone-like Tanzanite. Thus, this post will brief you about the different things you would experience with Tanzanite rings thus telling you why you should choose this Gemstone Jewelry from Chordia Jewels. 


There has been a recent shift of choice for an engagement ring from diamonds to the rare precious gemstone. Nowadays, people are focusing on originality and buying a stone that reflects style as well as has a certain meaning associated with it. Tanzanite, a rare gem, is an option that is going to take the market of engagement rings by storm. Because of its timeless style and color, it is a perfect way to show love to your partner. 

Rare Gemstone:

Among the many gemstones, Tanzanite is one of the rarest and desirable gemstones. Due to its depleting and scared supply, it is known as the gem of the generation and hence, they declare its occurrence as one in a million. Thus, this gemstone becomes an authentic example of a symbol of love and thus, the engagement rings are one of the chosen jewelry among the couples.  

Unique color:

With its trichroic nature, Tanzanite stone reflects colors ranging from royal blue to soft lavender and even burgundy reds, depending on the treatment, cut, and lighting. Thus, this gemstone is the right choice for an engagement ring or usual rings as the way it highlights the color, it’s as rare as its existence. 

The attribute of a new beginning:

Since every gemstone reflects a meaning or healing power, Tanzanite is a stone resembling a new beginning. With its positive properties, it symbolizes prosperity, optimism, good fortune with endless happiness. Thus, choosing Tanzanite Ring is like carrying love in the correct cut and style throughout life.

Mix and Match:

One of the other best properties of Tanzanite jewelry is that it can be well-paired with other gemstones like diamonds. Tanzanite ring looks elegant, charming, and mesmerizing, thus one can mix and match with other jewelry items like gold, diamonds, platinum, or any other gemstone. 

Value growth:

With the law of demand and supply, since they expect Tanzanite mines to run out in the decade, thus, their value is going to increase as passed through the next generations. Thus, one can easily choose a Tanzanite ring over a diamond, as it will only appreciate its value. 


Agreeing to its rarity, a Tanzanite stone is around a thousand times rarer than a diamond, they expect the stone value to be a premium in its value. However, Tanzanite is low in its per carat value, making it an affordable choice for Tanzanite engagement rings or other jewelry pieces. Therefore, Tanzanite’s competitive pricing at Chordia Jewels gives room to people to choose the gemstone in its perfect size, cut, and shape, making it a great value buy. 

Thus, a Tanzanite ring represents a token of uniqueness showcasing one-of-a-kind of love. The extra charm it offers through its distinctive color, shine, and cut complimenting the partner is proof that investing in this indigo blue-hued gemstone is a wonderful investment you will always appreciate.

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