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Top Five Common Prejudices About Tanzanite Rings

Whether you love wearing jewelry or not, a ring is something you cannot say no to. This small yet impressive jewelry item is available in a range of options. While diamond rings, Emerald solitaire rings, and others are increasingly becoming common in the fine jewelry market, rings made of Tanzanite are gaining traction. People looking for unique and exquisite rings often buy Tanzanite rings from Chordia Jewels because of aesthetics and quality. Despite being popular and stunning, some people view Tanzanite rings with certain prejudices that this blog is going to break. 
Tanzanite Rings are Overpriced 
Some people feel that tanzanite rings are overpriced compared to other rings made of semi-precious gemstones. The fact is rings made of 100% authentic Tanzanite will always be priced on the higher side, as this gem can only be sourced from one location. Original Tanzanite gem is mined and sourced from Tanzania, East Africa. The mining and sourcing costs are added to the ring price. So if you’re getting Tanzanite rings at lower prices, you might want to get the gem checked for authenticity.   
Lack of Designs
If you feel Tanzanite rings come in a dull setting, you’re missing out big times. A quick visit to any reputable online jewelry store will give you access to various alluring Tanzanite ring designs, each having its distinct characteristics. Tanzanite gem is cut into various shapes, like round, trillion, pear, oval, etc., and is available in different carat weights and grades. With so many options, the possibilities to create numerous stunning Tanzanite ring designs are endless. 
Limited Uses 
Adorned for its rarity, a Tanzanite ring is not only for special events. While a Tanzanite ring can undoubtedly grab attention wherever you go, it can be worn for other purposes too. If you ever come across a spiritual healer or a person working in related domains, you’ll find out they use Tanzanite for healing and spiritual growth purposes. If you’re someone who believes in spirituality and follows healer’s advice, a Tanzanite ring can be your best investment ever. You can wear it every day to reap the healing and spiritual benefits attached to it.
Doesn’t Qualify as an Engagement Ring
When we hear the term “engagement ring,” our mind instantly makes us think of diamond rings or solitaires- which is not entirely wrong. However, the notion that a Tanzanite ring cannot be used as an engagement ring is flawed and baseless. Engagement rings mark the beginning of timeless love and journey, and it can be expressed using any gemstone you prefer and not just diamonds. You can get a customized engagement ring prepared using 100% original Tanzanite and see your fiancés face brim with happiness as you present this ring.
Isn’t Opulent & Precious
Tanzanite falls in the Semi-Precious Gemstone category and is known for its rarity and aesthetics. Rings made of original Tanzanite gems are cherished for their appearance and properties. If proper care is taken, a Tanzanite ring can last long without losing its charm. When paired with the right metal and design, a Tanzanite gemstone can transform even the simplest of a ring into an extraordinary one. You will have to try wearing one to believe and feel the difference it creates. 
Now that the common prejudices have been ruled out, it’s time you buy a fine Tanzanite ring for yourself today. While rings made of every gemstone look stellar, Tanzanite rings go a level higher. It exceeds your expectations and amplifies your attire with minimal effort, making you look confident and beautiful.  

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