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The Right Way to Wear an Aquamarine Ring

The Right Way to Wear an Aquamarine Ring

Aquamarine is a semi-precious stone that beautifully symbolizes the fresh vibes of the deep seas. True to its name, aquamarine gemstones occur in the hues of seaweed bluish-green that have a calming and soothing effect on the wearer.


A birthstone for March-born folks, aquamarine is connected to the planet Saturn, which is also a planet of courage and self-belief. It’s believed that this semi-precious gemstone was famous among sailors during ancient times because it was thought to calm the rough sea. Even modern-day astrologers recommend people going on foreign trips to wear aquamarine gemstone to complete the journey smoothly.

Healing Properties of Aquamarine

This serene gemstone apart from being mystically beautiful also has several healing benefits. It hails the power to cure ailments related to the lungs, stomach, liver, and even the throat of the wearer. It also greatly benefits people who have communication problems or fear speaking in public, wearing an aquamarine ring can give you the confidence and courage to interacting with people around smartly. Aquamarine represents friendship, happiness, and faithfulness, so it makes an ideal gift to your loved one to mark the 19th wedding anniversary. 

How to Wear an Aquamarine Gemstone?

If you recently have had an urge to acquire an Aquamarine Ring, but don’t know which hand to wear, then let us help you with this a little. Astrologers believe that wearing birthstones on a certain finger or even hand can enhance its powers to greatly benefit a wearer. It’s often recommended to wear this tranquil stone on the right hand because it attracts positive vibes from the world above and its peaceful sea blue color reduces anxiety and calms the jumpy nerves. 

Styling Aquamarine Jewelry

Because of this gemstone’s malleability, it can be cut into any shape, but the cabochons and beads are used by several jewelers in many statement jewelry pieces. It’s highly durable making it a preferred choice to be worn on daily basis. Just like diamonds, even aquamarines are chosen based on their cut, clarity, and carate. The stunning dark blue color and the greenish-blue color are the most valuable and like other gemstones, the higher the clarity of the stone, the higher its facet to brilliantly reflect light. This watery-hued gemstone can set you in a holiday mood with its splash of Mediterranean sea color, and make you look dreamy and beautiful. Below are some jewelry styling tips with aquamarine gemstone.  

Aquamarine Ring:

Aquamarine offers a refreshing alternative to sparkling diamonds, thanks to its pristine colors of blue and green. They are more affordable than other precious gemstones in large carate weight, making them an ideal pick for a cocktail

ring that effortlessly syncs well with all sorts of outfits. Pair it with a flowy floral dress during the day, or a sleek black body-hugging gown for the evening and you are sure the steal the thunder of the scene. The greenish-blue hues of this gemstone blend well with the white gold or platinum metal.

Aquamarine Necklace:

A gorgeous necklace studded with diamonds, pearls, and aquamarine gemstones is what you need to replicate a red-carpet look. 

Aquamarine Earrings:

The pastel color of this gemstone makes it a perfect companion to your office. You can pair Aquamarine Studs with your formal wear to look stylish yet not go overboard with the look. 
Go playful this season with this amazing gemstone.

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