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Trendy Ways Of Styling Gemstone Jewellery On Western Wear

Trendy Ways Of Styling Gemstone Jewellery On Western Wear

The fashion cycles are constantly changing, be it clothes and jewellery. Currently, ‘fusion wear’ is the buzz in the fashion world which means more and more people are opting to wear western wear for different occasions—at work, party, home, family gatherings, or otherwise.

And when the outfit preference has changed, so is the jewellery too. Fusion jewellery has grown so much that people have transitioned from one-time wear jewellery to chic, contemporary and classic pieces like luxury fashion Jewellery. Like how people used to choose yellow gold jewellery in Jaipur as the first preference to rock any outfit, the same is the case now with contemporary jewellery pieces. While we thought such jewellery is the only masterpiece to be chosen, Chordia Jewels with their collection of gemstones jewellery proved that you can style them in different ways- be it formal, casual, or party.

This article will brief you about different gemstone jewellery and how it can complement the attire further enhancing your personality by adding value through the jewellery piece. Without further ado, let’s read about how this 18K white gold jewellery wholesaler provides a variety of gemstone masterpieces to accentuate your outfit on every occasion. 

1. Keeping it Classic For a Formal Day: 

Just as many people prefer 18K white gold jewellery in India for all the important formal days to keep it chic yet elegant, choosing the blue topaz earrings will be the right pick. And if you are wearing pant-suit-like formals, an add-on of the blue topaz intricate-looking pendant will not harm either. The pair of dangling earrings and pendant in blue topaz will just make your outfit ooze with elegance and professional vibes.

2. Layering it out For Vacation:

If you have a soft corner for gemstone jewellery, nothing like layering the masterpiece around the neck with luxury fashion jewellery like an Ethiopian necklace in 14K gold. Choosing necklaces in different shapes, the layering game on pastel-hued beach gowns or a short and top kind of outfit is going to attract all eyeballs. And if you are someone who loves to glam a simple outfit just with jewellery, 2-3 pieces of neckpiece along with a classic dangling earring is going to change your layering game, making it an inspiration for many.

3. Colour blocking it For A Cocktail Party:

If you have a thing for bright colors, ditch searching for yellow gold jewellery in Jaipur and add a pop of colorful gemstone jewellery in your next cocktail party is the right fashion styling tip for you. All you have to do is pick a bright-colored outfit of your choice, like a red dress, and glam it up with contrasting Amethyst Gemstone pieces. The variety of shapes available in the collection is enough to highlight you at the party through your color blocking technique. Try it out and thank us later.

4. Mix and Match To Rock The Date Night:

Just like the special date night, the outfit along with the luxury fashion jewellery ought to be extraordinary too. And without a doubt, mix and match fashion technique is helpful to rock the up-to-the-minute attire. But if one doesn’t choose the right jewellery, the appearance isn’t complete. Like the authentic yellow gold jewellery in Jaipur, the Garnet and diamond-accented necklace and earrings are yet another supple alternative that you need, to compliment your date night. Its lively red color in intricate designs keeps the feminine appeal intact while making the whole gaze attractive. Pair it with a gown or a knee-length outfit in black colour or any opaque color, and you need nothing else to stand out. 

5. Colour-coordinating For A Family Dinner:

Contemporary design with a vivid colour jewellery piece makes any dull-looking ensemble striking with a good impression. That’s what Tanzanite gemstone with diamonds will do to your family dinner outfit. If you want to be the highlight of the night, wear a color-coordinated outfit and jewellery, and don’t forget to add the matching Drop Earrings. You will fall in love with the outcome, so much so that you will stop searching for 18K white gold jewellery in India.

6. Jewellry For Western Wear 

Every woman's most recent and stunning item of clothing is a Western dress. You can wear them for a formal event, travel, or even a casual meeting. When wearing a western dress, there are a few things to keep in mind. You can carry jewelry with your western attire to increase your beauty. We have a collection of jewelry for western wear that can be attached to your jewelry collection. You can choose a sparkling Diamond Pendant or a Ruby ring to brighten up the Wedding while wearing a gown dress.  

If you have loved the collection of 18K white gold jewellery wholesalers, it is no doubt that stylishly wearing the above gemstones is going to be your next beloved selection. If you are one of those who looked for yellow gold jewellery in Jaipur whenever it was about jewellery shopping, it is time to consider these gemstones and let your style game be on and style quotient be high. 

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