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march birthstone meaning

The Meaning and History of the March Birthstone

Many years ago, the practice was to keep the twelve different stones and wear one in each corresponding month. Eventually, this practice was modified so that a person would only wear the stone for the month they were born in. The March Birthstone is aligned with the star sign of Pisces is the remarkable Aquamarine.

Aquamarine is a glittering blue gemstone evoking images of a calm ocean on a clear day. The dazzling Aquamarine Gemstone is a variety of mineral beryl. With its fusion of icy azure tones to deep cerulean hues, the aquamarine is reminiscent of the vibrancy and sparkling iridescence of the ocean. You can get all the information you need to know about this delightful gem right here.

March Birthstone: Meaning 

The name Aquamarine stands for “water of the sea”. Named for the ocean’s purest shades of blue, the birthstone for March reminds everyone of calm waters and pleasing lagoons. It represents eternal life as the affluent color of the gemstone is a pure mix of the hues of both sky and sea. The meaning of its name also conjures a romantic getaway to a tropical paradise making it a charming gift for your significant other.

Brazil is the world's leading source of gem-quality aquamarine for over 100 years. Aquamarine Gemstone is also found in many places around the globe, from Sri Lanka and Pakistan to South America and Africa. The largest known aquamarine named weighs around 110 kgs and it was found in Brazil in 1910. 

Aquamarine Gemstone: History

Aquamarine has an amusing history along with its fun and mermaidy teal color. Aquamarine in legend is believed to contain the power of the sea and has been dedicated to a number of sea goddesses such as Aphrodite. According to Old Norse and Old Icelandic legend, the sea blue gem washed ashore after spilling out from the treasure house of the mermaid. to be sacred by Neptune, the Roman God of the Sea. It was also thought that any sailors who carried an aquamarine would be granted safe passage across the seas. 

In ancient times, Aquamarine Stone was regarded to be effective in treating respiratory system-related diseases, chronic allergies, skin-related diseases, and aids hormone production. To reap the benefits of the mesmerizing sublime blue crystal, all one had to do was drink the water in which the Aquamarine had been soaking. In current times, it is mainly connected to hope, health, and youth. Aquamarine, the icy blue gem, enhances joy and fortitude and tranquil the spirit of the wearer. It is also thought to drive out any negative emotions and bring in feelings of peace.

March Birthstone Jewelry Buy Online

Regardless of whether you want to buy the rare Gemstone Jewelry as a gift or as a treasured possession for yourself, birthstone jewelry can be a great way to add a splash of color to your fine jewelry collection. A great property of Aquamarine is that it is known to gleam and glitter even in minimal lighting, making it perfect to be worn at night parties. If you are looking for something unique and with an extra special touch, the truly radiant Aquamarine Engagement Ring will be a perfect choice. It is the gem for nineteenth wedding anniversaries so celebrate a love that grows stronger year after year with a gorgeous aquamarine ring.

Today Aquamarine remains an ever-popular accessory because of its beautiful, glimmering blue color. Take a moment to browse through the stunning range of Aquamarine jewelry from Chordia, created to suit every taste and any occasion.

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